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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Anziano Orso Letter December 11, 2013

Stavo male questa settimana scorsa :( perche' me??

ciao tutti miei amici!

so this week was not one of my best weeks, i dont know what i got but i got the flu on thur. night and was vomiting the entire night. so the next morning i was recovering from being dehydrated. but my District leader went and bought me gatorade and crackers to eat, when i could keep it down. but it was nice knowing how much the ward cares and even our investigators, because i had to stay in all day we had to cancel appointments, and throughout the day they would randomly call again seeing how i was and giving the ingredients to this crazy mix of spices and juices to help with vomiting. i didnt try any of them because i partly didnt know what the spices were, but im okay with sticking to my gatorade and crackers haha. so now i have been eating small and careful not to eat a bunch of junk food, which is my weakness...but im doing it haha. 

so after being sick friday and sat sunday came around, but because i was throwing up, all the dry heaving made my voice really raspy and i could rarely talk, and its hard in italian because you have to change your pitch for different phrases when asking questions and all that language stuff. i sounded like i was going through puberty again haha. that night however we played a prank on anz. briand, we all sat in a chair and covered it with a sheet, and made him leave the room somehow, then while he was gone we removed the chair from sheet and made it look like the chair was still there. when he came to sit down right when he sat we stood up and he fell right through the chair aha haha. anz. taylor has it on camera haha. 

monday i was feeling a lot better so we did really good on that day with missionary work. we taught part member families, investigators, and at the end of the day me and anz. briand had a little scambio and taught this guy in centro. it was hard bcause it was really busy with all the things going on because of natale! (christmas!) it was good. we have high plans for this week!! i love the holidays for missionary work, especially christmas! everyone will listen to you because you want to share a spiritual thought of jesus. it works a lot, and so you can imagine centro during the holidays, imagine walking through the mall during last minute christmas shopping talking to people about the gospel, its kind of difficult because its loud and everyone is busy shopping, but you get those miracles, so dont stop!

im so thankful to be a missionary! im thankful for all the birthday wishes i got, i love being a missionary and helping people come closer to christ! this gospel has changed my life and im glad i can help change others lives too. i know that jesus christ is my savior and i thank him everyday for the things he has done for me. i know he has blessed me in my life and blesses my family too. and i know God wont give us anything unless he has prepared a way for us to do it. and thats with everything in life. always being willing to share your testimony of the savior and the sacrifice he did for us!! 

vi voglio bene!! mi mancate!! ciao!!
bought an italian soccer jersey with my district leader!! anz. taylor

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Anziano Orso Letter December 4, 2013

io ho venti anni!!! madonna!!

how is everything, so i talked to a misionary in another city and he said that there is a member who is a dentist, he works on the military base, so im going to call him and see if he could help me with anythign, and try and get a better price.

but this week was good!!! i went to milano and was able to see a lot of my friends, and i was able to see the duomo!!! its so cool!! they had so many dead bodies in it. its kind of crazy!! they are bodies of dead saints and there was a dead body of someone from 1300!! what the cabbage??  i got a picture so ill send it to you!!! the weekend was normal, we did service and helped paint  a members house, which was easy, all six of us painted the house in 3 hours, italian houses are not that big haha. 

so i got sick, the weather changed and i got the flu a little, i had a head ache, chills, and sore throat, but im all good now. also it snowed for the first time!!! but the next day it was sunny and warm so it melted....managia! maybe next year i could have a white birthday, speriamo!! haha. we have a new missionary in the apartment with us, his name is anz. briand, hes a lot like me, he was baptized in the church june, of 2012, and now hes serving a missions. we're the same age now too haha. hes cool, but hes from canada......scherzo haha.

so lets talk about what is really important this weeks, yes my birthday was this week, and now im 20yrs!!!! its weird to think thats how old i am haha. but i dont feel different, im so focused on everything here it hasnt phased me. but i had a really cool birthday!!! we had a little FHE for me where we went to a members house and they had pizza, games, and they made me a cool cake!!! and they really loved making everything into a bear for me. the cookies, and they got stuffed bear, and put my missionary tag on it haha. and everyone calls me anziano orsino here, which means little bear haha. its funny, because here everyone knows my name, but in america, its just a normal last name, so its cool to get nicknames and stuff haha. 

the weather here is getting cold, today was pretty warm, but as the sun went down it got chilly. the language is improving a lot!! i still get frustrated at times, but i can understand a lot of what people say, and my speaking is improving. so i know that by my next birthday i will be pretty much fluent, let hope.....haha, but all i can do is improve now haha. i love being a missionary and seeing the change in the livs of people. serving a mission is probly one of the least selfish things you can do. and if anyone has the opportunity to serve a mission should. i know this church is true, im excited for the holiday season to celebrate gesu' cristo, and give him thanks for eevrything that he has done for me. i know that we have the fullest of the lords gospel and invite everyone to take the time to listen to our message, and if they have the desire to come closer to christ, read the book of mormon, and pray about it. because through pray we can know all things!!! amen.

grazie tutti for the birthday wishes!!! vi voglio bene!! ciao

these are the pics from the birthday party that a family threw for me.

pic of three of us in the care: anz. briand, me, taylor
Birthday bear for the Elder "Bear" (Orso)

Birthday Pizza

Birthday cookies in shape of a bear (orso)

family names Constagiola

pic of me and brown headed girl, Francesca