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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Anziano Orso's email from June 26, 2013

this week has been so crazy!! the first week was kinda boring just because we were new and were getting in the swing of things, but we arent the new anziani anymore so its a lot more fun.
oka to start of! the language is coming a long a lot better! i pray every morning for the language to come to me, and when we teach our investigator Lucca (who is from italy, who we're teaching him about the church) the spirit makes it all come back to me! its amazing how the lord blesses you in timees of need! i can hold a whole conversation in italian!! its legit! i feel like a boss walking about the MTC speaking italian with my roommates and companion. (better than speaking english haha) and because i can speak italian, i can kinda understand the missionaries going to a spanish speaking mission! im excited to actually become fluent in it(:
so we met some missionaries below us who are going to the Phoenix AZ Mission!!! me and my roommates Anziano Andersen go down there and chill with them almost every night. all of them are 18! its so crazy cause some i talk to say "i graduated three weeks ago" mama mia! (oh my gosh)
so funny story, we were back in dorm and i decided to fo to my friends room in the corner room. all of a suddent i hear my name being called through the entire floor? i was confused and we walked outside and all the anziani said your roommates have been looking for you for 30 min!! so i went downstairs to try and find them, but every room i went to they were like "are you orso? some elders have been looking for you" haha they check the entire campus at 9:30 tring to find me haha, its okay cause it lets me know atleast they cared about me haha.
also another crazy story, somehow there is a stomach virus going around the MTC, your either vomiting, or diareaing...... luckily i was only vomiting cause i would hate to be on the toilet all day (which by the way, i dont have a fear of public bathrooms anymore haha) but one night there was 7 of us puking in the trash, it was the nastiest thing ever.....but we're all better now so its all good!
well my last thing i want to talk about it the devotional from last night! it was amazing and something i have never seen at a church event in my life. we got to hear from Janice Kay Perry who wrote many primary songs. i never went to primary but the one song i will always life is well bring the world his truth. but since we're in the MTC and missionaries they we sing "and we are NOW the lords missionaries" its so awesome!! i love the spirit with the MTC. anyway to continue the Devo, sis. perry was telling us about the first line her husband said to her, which was; "those lips look like they could do more than just playing the clarinet"!! it was the funniest thing! and then her husband came and kissed her right in front of the podium haha.

also i got to see Mark Pike and Jaime Mortensen!! (elder Pike and Sister Mortensen) it was so awesome seeing familiar faces!! ill get pictures with them during the week for next time!
just a reminder! i love getting dear elders! they make my day(: and i have more time to reply to those!
i love being a missionary and love the spirit of the other missionaries! io so che la chiesa e vero, il vangelo di gesu cristo benedice famiglie, e il padre celeste affetuoso mi, nel nome di gesu cristo amen.
ciao everyone!!!
pic: italian language learning supplies e missionaries in the MTC

Missionary Conference June 2013

Provo Temple June 2013

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 Instructions

To Clarify how to communicate with Anziano Orso:

Best way while he is in Utah is to use the website. This will get him his notes through the week Mon - Fri before the end of the day, if you do it before noon. It is a free service and he can read your notes as they come in (he can only read his email on Wednesdays and only has 30 minutes to read them all, then reply to them, and that time goes by quickly). (you will have to set up a user name and password = free)
type in your user email and password and press "Log In"

on the right hand side, drop down box select Provo MTC and then Write a Letter.

you will have to type your address information the first time, but that should populate for you automatically for future use.

Use the "Elder" "Dominic" "Orso"; Next line Unit "93", Mission Code "ITA-MIL" and estimated departure date is 07/24/2013

Then go down to the big box under "Terms and Conditions" and type your letter/note.  Finish by pressing the "Send Letter" button. Done!!

Again, he can only write back on Wednesdays, so be patient.

Anziano Orso's Letter - June 19, 2013

hey Dad 2
how are things! thanks for the dear elders! they really do make the day better! keep them coming! so anziano andersen is in my district and my room! hes really cool, we mess around in the dorm and talk about az. hes one of my favorite anziani! so im sending you guys a letter too which explain more things! i love and miss you guys a lot! ill write you guys next wednesday! also yes! anziano andersen is my roommate, we arent companions but our companionships hang out a lot
hey guys whats up! this week has been so hectic! the MTC is like a time warp! the days are long but the weeks go by quick! the first day is no joke! your on the move! you get your name tag, you go get your language books, and then your in the classroom! and of course the teachers laughed at me cause my last name was Orso, which means Bear in italian and they thought it was the funniest thing..... they decided to draw me a picture on the board haha all the other anziani (elders) in my district and branch are awesome! full of the spirit! and in my district we have to sorelle(sisters) who are awesome and practically already speak italian, one of their names is sorella smart so i think that has something to do with it. the language is pretty insane! 6 hours of language study everyday! my brain is fried! but i can tell its making a difference. i can give my testimony and pray in italian! its pretty awesome!
so its true what they say about the food! its good, but its destroys your stomach! its the worst feeling in the world!
one of the best spritiual moment i have had here was when we taught our investigator Lucca! hes so awesome! he talks really fast, but i can now pick out workd and phrases of what hes saying. the missionariese found him when he was walking home and wanted to know more about the church, so that was when they called..... ANZIANO ORSO E REVEREDO! we taught him how the spirit can testify that was we were teaching him was true, we asked him to pray and invited him to come to church! he did both! so when we taught him his next lesson which was how with Baptism we can have the Holy ghost as a constant companion we invited him to be baptized! and he said yes! such an amazing feeling when someone gets their own testimony and knows that the gospel is true.
(Brother Inman here: for those not familiar with the Missionary Training Center and Investigators, the teachers portray random people that the missionaries role play with. In this case, a teacher was Lucca. Each encounter will be different and a little more challenging.)
im not used to getting up this early, but im starting to get in the groove of it. they say once you make it to the sunday your a champ haha. and let me tell you how awesome it is to be out here serving the lord. i have grown so much in these past 7 days you wouldnt belive it!
so ill tell you about my roommates, my companion is from canada his name is anziano Reveredo! we are complete opposites so we are learning from eachother. my two other rooommates is anziano andersen and anziano lembert. anziano andersen is from cave creek az and we have a lot in common, when we hang out we have a good time! every night we sing an italian INNI (hymn) and listen to talks that one of the anziani in our district brought! they are very inspiration.
so far i have been able to see my friends sorella (sister) Anderson and anziano (elder) Blake from school! i loved being able to see familiar faces! but eveyrthing else is great, i loved getting the dear elders! so keep them coming! getting mail always makes my day! but im glad i have been given the opportunity to be a missionary and i know that this is the true gospel of jesus christ. ill bare my testimony in italian now!!!
io so che il vangelo di Gesu Cristo e vero, io so che il libro di mormon e vero, io so che cristo vivo, io so che chiesa di Gesu Cristo dei santi deigli ultimi giorni dello vere chiesa. nel nome di gesu cristo amen.
Anziano Orso's MTC Dorm

Anziano Orso and companion
at Provo Utah Temple

Anziano Orso and his room companions
at the Provo Utah Temple

Anziano Orso and his MTC District
at the Provo Utah Temple

Anziano Orso at the Provo Utah Temple