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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter July 30, 2014

come stai?? hows the life in az?? i bet its rreally hot, well here its really hot, and then 20 minutes later im getting hit in the face with H2O......the weather here needs to be put on meds haha. its pazzo(crazy) lol.this week was really busy, we did exchanges and traveling, and this is the last full week until transfers, but i think im going to stay the same. and i just got news that a family from milano is coming to pesaro to come see me before they move back to the filipines!! im so excited! i miss milano so much haha. one of my favorite cities haha. the weather here suciks haha, one minute its sunny and really hot, then the dark clouds come in and it pours for the rest of the night......and we get soaked haha. but its okay, pesaro isnt that big of a city. so we can get to places pretty fast. man thats crazy i have lived in italy for a whole year!!! wahoo!! the time has gone by so quick i cant believe it. but i still have 10 months which seems like a long time, but then it i said in my mission we have 16 transfers, and after next week ill be in transfer 10.....what the heck....its so weird haha.

today we had a bike accident haha, we all good, it was actually pretty funny, my comp crashed first and then i flipped over him and got trapped under the bikes haha. but dont worry we're all good, no one was hurt, just some scrapes haha. 

im just so blessed to be here, i know its the same things everyweek, but every pday when i write i reflect on how my week went, and i just see all the blessing that padre celeste gives me!!

che bella vita!

selfies on Anz. Berg (:

​sono il tuo bel figlio (: 

what else can i say for this week, the time just keeps flying and im loving my mission, i know i have a lot of time left, so im not counting down the days, after december is when ill be freaking out haha. but until then im not thinking about it.....

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter July 23, 2014

mamma mia! does sound like an interesting week haha. but i bet it kept you all on your toes haha. i know i have been these past weeks. being  a district leader is fun, because you get to learn more about missionaries, their teaching, and helping push the work forward in all the areas of your district. i have two cities in my district. its awesome!!! it does get stressful, but im feeling myself stretch, which is really cool!

this week i have been on the road let say! i did 2 exchanges, and had to travel for all of them. then on monday we had interviews with president. man im so tired of trains haha. we dont have cars so we have bikes, trains, and buses haha. wahoo for public transportation...especially during strikes!! NOT! thats the worst part of having to rely on them haha. but trains make it real easy to talk to people! because when you sit next to them, they cant run haha. not trying to sound like we try to trap them haha. 

we started a new finding method, there is a book called my family, its about genalogy, its fun and easy! and as missionaries we had to make a book ourselves. so now we take this around with us to go finding, its fun because we just talk about families with people, and some even show us fotos of theirs! because i have fotos on mine. gotta love how clever the lord is in helping find new ways to find people! 

have a great week! ciao!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter July 9, 2014


i love my new area!!! its so pretty!! and next to the sea!!! and the weather isnt that bad, because we get the cool sea breeze!! we dont get really rain here, and if we do, its for about an hour and then the sky is all clear again haha. i love my comp. his name is anz. Moa. hes from hawaii, but we knew each other in Milano, so it was cool to learn i was going to be comps with him! the lessons are good, we have a lot of simps. but non really progressing, so we teach a lot, but i get frustrating with people sometimes.....cant control their agency. but its a good way to help me grow. and being district leader has given me a lot more responsibilities that i now have to be more focused, with my work and the work of my district! but i love it, the missionaries here are awesome!!! im making good friends!! there isnt really less actives here, and the ones that are, we are talking to them already haha. btw we have a really old apartment, about 15 yr. ago they had church in our living room haha. funny. but thanks for eerything and all the love and support!!! ti voglio bene!! the key board is making it hard to write a lot. talk to you later!! ciao!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter July 2, 2014

Ciao Tutti!! sono arrivato a Pesaro con sicurezza!!

 how is everything!!! this week has been so exhausting!!! i honestly thought i would be going to another place and it would be more relax, because milano was so insane! i love the work, it was just really stressfull sometimes. so when i found out i was going to Pesaro i was excited, next to the beach, trangquillo, i and go back to doing finding every once and a while. NOPE! i get sent to one of the busiest cities in the mission! yes all the other stuff is true, but i have been on the go since i got here. and im on a bike again.....been six months since i last rode a bike, its weird not to rely on public transportation.....but thats what happens. 

my new comp is Anz. Moa! hes from hawaii! its really cool because i knew him before, when i was in Milano, he was in como, and we were in the same zone! and this week has been a blast, we have a good time and get a long really great with eachother. we teach really good together too! i hope i get to serve with him for atleast two transfers. 

so this week was good! the weather is very bipolar, because we're next to the ocean no one can really predict the weather. good thing the city isnt that big, and we can go home a change really quick if we need to. but this place is so pretty!!! im basically in toscana again! its not exactly toscana, but the hills and green look like it. its another region i cant remember, ill tell you next week! on one side of the city is the sea! so we get that nice cool, breeze during the day. its hot like arizona, which i love. on the otherside there is mountains and hills, when your think of italy you think of this scenery. im so excited to be here!! one of my prettiest cities i have served in!

the church here is pretty small, its a branch, its weird to go from 170 members a week, to 15 members....its really weird. but there is so much work here! so im really excited. working with africans again haha. half of our simps are african, its weird, because up north all i spoke was italian, now i have to speak inglish a lot....but i can speak the language now, so that wont be a problem. 

monday we had our first district meeting! and i was in charge, its weird, to be district leader, its actually a lot of work, your wouldnt expect it to be. BUT I GOT THIS! all the anziani in my district are so awesome too! there is Anz. Howell (has twin brothers), Anz. Hallulli (has twin siblings) Anz. Berg (has twin Siblings) Anz. Moa (has twin Siblings) me! i am a twin, and then theres Anz. Gomez (who doesnt have any twins in his family) its really funny how almost all of us are related to twins! but im so excited! im the second oldest in the district in the mission! the other is one transfer above me. its weird to start being this love my mission and excited for my new adventure i have here in Pesaro!!

vi volgio bene!! ciao!!