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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter September 3, 2014


Che Tempo abbiamo avuto questa settimana!!

ciao!! how is everything!!! this week has been a little chaotic!! but it was really good!!! so for the weekend we had a lot of it was a huge bummer for all of us, because we're not fans of going around in the rain everywhere. but it was okay. this sunday was really good!! we had a few talks in church that were very spiritual....and then we went to the branch presidents house for lunch....hes really awesome!!! and then we went to the villajuans later that day and they gave us dinner.....most meals i have ever had in a day! so far since i have been here. then monday we had zone conference. and we went (drum roll.......) Firenze!!! wahooo!!! i missed it so much!! its such an awesome city!!! one of my favorite cities in all of italy!!! and the best part was i got to ride first class on the train!!! i tell you traveling in style is the coolest things....and we got complimentary drinks haha. it was really cool. yesterday i did an exchange with anziano pugsley, which i have alreay done one with him in milano!! it was really cool because him and i are a lot alike haha. so it was a fun scambio, we taught english class and did all that good stuff. and then our branch pres., took us to go get gelato! so good!! im in love with gelato!! and pizza! its going to be weird going back to america and not eating food like this. so im going to have eat as much as i can these next 8 months! so we think anz. moa is going to be transfered :( we'll find out in about two weeks!! this transfer is flying! its insane!! 

our teaching pool is good, we had a simp come to church for the firs time last week!! wahoo! his name is christian! he was really cool, of course we know it takes time to do stuff. but its all good. everything will work out. we are seeing him later this week. the other day we got yelled at by an american....:( he started making fun of us and telling us we're pathetic and that we should go home, and that we are bunch of horrible people...and what we are doing is a loser thing to do.....but its okay, because he was bashing us, and then i asked him....well what do you believe, and he said i dont, im athiest....and i said well that why you dont believe in anything we say. it was better to not argue, because i believe in god and he we wouldnt ahve resolved anything. but its cool!! moments like these grow my testimony.....and i know God exists! and that knowledge and testimony i have no one can take away(: 
 Vi Voglio bene!!