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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter November 19, 2014

Ciao Tutti!! dont worry im still here and alive!! i have been really busy with the work here.....and figuring other things out. but im doing good! here is the update for me!

City: Pesaro (still...)
Comp: Anz. Cortes (hes from New Jersey)
Transfer: 12
District: im still the district leader...but my district changed. we got put with another city called Rimini, its a really cool city. much closer than Ancona

this past week was really awesome! i got to go back to Firenze!! wahoo! we had a conference with a member of the 70 Elder Fingerle....he basically talked to us about what elder bednar said in a world wide broadcast....about using technology to push forward missionary work. and we were all thinking "are we getting ipads??" but thats not that case haha. our mission isnt ready for that yet haha. but its a good idea to have us use the members to do it we are going to do out best to have our members share mormon messages...and post stuff from just hoping that they translate more messages for us. the have some but not any of the new its kind of difficult. technology can be a blessing or a all depends on how we use it. 

then this sat i will be going to Prato (which was my first city!!) because we are having a stake conference!! it has been over a year since i have been really excited! ill let you all know how that goes next week. 

the branch is doing good here...this place is like another family haha. i have so many families its ridculous haha. but thats whats so great about missions, you realize we're all part of one eternal family! 

who are we teaching?: his name is christian.....he has a bapt date and we are preparing him for that, hes about 25 and hes from nigeria. but he is a kid whos mind of the world. but our big focus these past weeks is to prepare our priesthood holders to get the Melchisedic Preisthood. because we have a lot of eligble men....they just need to learn and prepare themselves. 

how im holding up? im doing good, id be lying if i said i dont get stressed or frustrated or disappointed. but i have still so many moments when i can say im blessed, happy and grateful. these past two weeks i read the whole book of matthew. it was really good! all of us are fishers of men, we must all develope charity, we must humble ourselves and become like a little child if we want to learn and do the things necessary to enter in the kingdom of heaven. Jesus Christ was a perfect Man, Teacher, Leader, Example, Brother, and was the Son of God. i know that he lives and he atoned for our sinces. im grateful for the light he brings into my life and missionary work. im far from perfect and still make mistakes...but i know that through him we all can be cleansed, find peace and joy and return to our heavenly father. 

-Anziano Orso