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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Anziano Orso May 2014

There were no emails for Dom's blog for the past two weeks. He just says that he is in a threesome companionship and still in the same area. Also very excited about his mother's baptism this coming Saturday, May 31st at 7PM.

We will update the blog when we get more messages from Anziano Orso.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter May 7, 2014

ciao Tutti!!  noi facciamo l'opera del Signore. 

this week has been really crazy! but so much fun and rewarding.
thursday! we went to the family giavazzi, they are so awsome!!! one of the coolest families that i have met on the mission. welll if you remember a while ago i went to the military base in Vicenza, well i bought a Dr. Pepper, the dad speaks inglish and italian, and has heard about dr. pepper, but they dont sell it here, well i brought it over and had them all try it, they were really excited haha. it was pretty funny. but also that day i we went to the park with all the filipini, and played soccer, basket, and just had a BBQ it was really fun. 

friday!! we went to the mission office, and i had to figure everything out with my card! the guy was from georgia, hardcore accent! but then i was able to call mom!! even though it was only a little while it was awesome!! a sneak peak for this week haha. then we had to take the metro all the way from one end of the city to the other because we had to run an errand. i tell you, taking the subway stinks sometimes, its full most of the time, so you definitely get over any claustophobia you have haha.

sat. we had a lesson with clarence, i dont think i told you but we set a bapt. date with him!! so we're really excited!!.

sun. was church, we visited three families, our ward is really pushing family mission plans, so we have been asked to visit as many families as we can. its good and bad, good, they get family mission plans, bad, we eat everytime so we're become balloons haha. 

mon. was zone meeting! it was fun, i got to see all the missionaries in my zone, and my comp gave his last testiomony because he goes home next week, weird to think that he goes home, but i have a year left haha. but we got caught off guard, this sisters in our district are moving to a new apt. so last minute we have had to help them for the past two days!! which is fun, but i have helped moved missionaries in every single on of my cities haha. im becoming quite the handy man, ill be set for my family when i go home haha.

tues. same thing, we helped the sisters pack and move all their new stuff in the apt. a lot work because me and warnock had to move a washingmachine. but we managed, then we had to hurry, go home, and change for inglish class and serata familiare. it was fun as always!! i have made quite the group of friends haha. theyre all my age, so we have good times talking, i have made good friends with this kid named angelo, hes not a member, but still really legit, the sisters are teaching him, so im praying he'll get baptized soon!!

wed. today we have planned to go to the other church and play soccer with all the missionaries practically in the zone, im excited, its fun to hang out with them. im curious, because i see other missionaries go do things with sisters, on p days, in my mission we cant do anything wit the sisters, the only time we see eachother is on sun. and church activities, wierd......

im so very thankful for this chance i have to serve a mission, i love being a missionary, and i still have one whole year left! i know that God loves me, and he loves all his children, and i know that as we continue to follow his example, we will find happiness in this life, that will carry on to the next. 

grazie per tutte le preghiere che mi date! sono molto contento ad essere in missionario, io so che questa chiesa e' vera, e abbiamo la pienezza del vangelo di gesu' cristo sulla terra oggi. vi invito di seguirlo. ciao!! vi voglio bene! ci sentiamo!