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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Anziano Orso Letter July 31, 2013

In Italy!!

hey how is everything??? there is so much to tell you!!! i only have about 50 minutes right now so ill try to tell you as much as i can.

this has been one crazy of a week!! i had jetlag really bad!! i was out of it the first few days when we would go out to missionary work. but we arrived in Milan, Italy and went straight to the church! it was pretty crazy, because the church building is just a normal building in the City. i have always wanted to go to New york. well Milan is the same thing. after the meeting i got my trainer and where im assigned. guess where im assigned....... Tuscany!! so its really Humid!!! im dying being outside all the time. haha but its okay, at this rate i'll come back as dark and the Austins haha. and the misquitos attack everyone!! its like an apocolypse!!
but im in a city called Prato. every city in Italy is designed the same. in the middle is called Centro (central) and that is where all the people go out to eat and shop. then the houses around it. but the culture is a huge shock for me. 1. they dont have AC in any building....its too expensive to have it. so be thankful we're in america. 2. they dont have all of our drinks are like luke warm, unless we put them in the fridge. but im grateful for that little cool feeling after a long day. 3. everyone here is stuck in the 80's haha. just imagine a bunch of micheal jackson style clothing walking around everywhere you go haha. but everything else here is good. the pizza is amazing!! and so is the gelato!! thats one thing italy has done right haha.
so im in an apartment with three elders. my companion is Anziano Walker, he's from Utah. and the other two are Anziani Anderson and Ibba. Anderson is also from utah, and ibba is from southern Italy. so everyone in the apartment can speak italian except me....which is really frustrating >:( but i know it will come over time. when i talk it takes time but i can get my idea out and what my purpose is. but when they talk i dont have an idea what they are saying.. because they talk so fast!!! but overall the italians are nice people. until they find out what our actual purpose here is.... at first a lot think we are jahova witness, which gets frustrating cause 1. we're not 2. they dont believe us when we say we're not.....but its what ever. haha
so me any my companion are "white-washing" this area. they divided the district and so we are starting from scratch. so this means its a lot of finding work. walking through the parks, and going casa in casa (house to house) but thats what missionary work is. finding those the lord has prepared to hear the gospel.
but so far we have one potential family. we found him in the park and we have had two lessons with him. he seems really interesting so we're having another lesson with him in thurs.!! other than that not really anyone new....just a lot of park lessons. we did have two miracle finds this week. on sat. we did a split and i was with anz. anderson. we were riding our bikes to give a lesson to this lady and we got i said hey lets ask those people for help with directions. they ended up being less active members!! and its family of 5, nono, nona, mama, figlio, figlia. what are the odds that we found them in all of Prato?? and then yesterday we were on the bus home and this lady who live in Pistoia (next city over) looked at our name tags and asked if we were mormon. we said yes and then started asking us all these questions. so we gave here card. and are having the missionaries in Pistoia call her. we always find our elect people at the end. i know its the lord testing our obedience and faith.

anyway everything here is fine!! always pray for me! i need it a lot sometimes. but the lord gives me strength so im good. tell everyone else i said hi and i love them. love you.
Anziano Dominic Orso

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Anziano Orso Made it to Italy!! July 24, 2013

Just an FYI to all his fans, Anziano Orso did arrive in Italy today. We are unsure when he will have his next P-Day, but my guess is not until next Monday.

Start sending your mail to the Mission home address in Italy now, and you can send him an email if you wish. Just remember that he only has 30 minutes per week to read and respond to email, so he may need to hand-write you back.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Anziano Orso Letter July 17, 2013


ciao tutti!!
questa sentimana (this week) has been crazy!! so much has happened, but i can bet that next week will be more hectic! but im pressing onward and doing my best to prepare and go take questo vangelo (this gospel) to the le persone in Italia (people in Italy). its going to be a whole day worth of travel, but with all the other missionari it will be really awesome!!
so basic news, every GYM time, me and the other anziani go play sand volleyball!! im actually really good at serving surprisingly, i felt like iron man when i would serve haha.
la lingua (the language) is coming a long pretty well!! i can understand most of what is said in a conversion, and talk back! im also starting to understand which tense to use, esempio (example):  furture, past, and present. there is so much to learn about a language, i can see why english would be really hard! haha, if english wasnt my first language i dont know what i would do haha. we're at that stage in the MTC where all your suppose to do is speak your language (SYL) and im like half on it, i speak english/italian, and now i speak without even thinking!! its crazy haha. i wake up blessed with how quick i was able to learn the basics of the language(:
nothing really interesting happened until saturday this in the MTC gets boring sometimes haha. anyway i had a huge spiritual experience!! sat we were teaching an investigator and i felt prompted to give the first vision, from the moment i said the first word the spirit came into to the room and i gave the first vision in perfect italian!! it was awesome! my testimony grew a whole lot after that(: later me and the other anziani in my district played a huge game of "hackey-sack" im realizing that little things can be fun haha.
sunday was very crazy!! so much happened that has influenced this week for me! after sacrament we went on our temple walk! its was awesome, i love the temple, and the spirit it has! after dinner my companion threw away his retainer on accident, i felt bad for him, but i told him that everything will be fine, hes getting a new retainer, and some good things came out of it for me anche (also). so after dinner we had a devotional like always, as the devotional started the speaker asked for people in the audience to stand up if you were baptized within that last two year, so i stood up, there were about 10 of us, out of 300 in the auditorium. the speaker then asked for 4 of us to come to the front to help him with his purpose of his talk. after he said that all the elders and sisters in my branch pointed to me, so i was chosen to come sit in front of a total of 3,000 missionaries. three other missionaries were selected also. we all had to pass the mike and give our conversion story in less than 4 minutes (like that is possible for anyone haha) the first elder had crush on this girl, and then somehow he was adopted by that girls family!! everyone was like whoa! and then they were also sealed in the temple!! crazy story!! then next girl was introduced through a friend, she had the best laugh! and then the other girl was from Gilbert Az! after she said that we looked at eachother and "hi-fived" (which i guess in the MTC is like opening pandoras box) i guess your not allowed to do that so everyone went ahh! so i just did something your not suppose to do in front the MTC President, and 3,000 missionaries (you know how i get red....i was as read as a cherry slushie...) but now everyone knows me haha. anytime i go somewhere everyone says, arent you the convert from the devotional? the one who high-fived that sister and went to seminary without being a member. i think i will always be remembered that way haha. so im kinda an MTC celebrity (not being prideful about it haha)
on monday i was talking to my teacher and he was telling me about the people in italy, he then told me to be prepared for people to change my name when i get there haha. he said they may change my name to "ORSINO" which means little bear haha. he said just act cute when they call you that and they'll love you haha.
tuesday my companion had to go get a new retainer! so we were able to leave the MTC! its weird being in the outside world, i have not left the MTC in 6 weeks, the world seems so strange haha jk. while at the orthodontist, i heard the song dyanmite....lets just say it was weird... haha but they orthodontist gave me a slushie!! it was awesome haha i got something out of it lol. but its really funny an orthodontists gets out sugar haha. and lastly we were able to hear from Elder Hinkley for the devotional!! it was awesome!. hes such an inspiration, and he had great advice for us. then after we had our picture taken! they have only taken a group picture of the entire MTC 3 times in history!! it was really cool to be apart of it(:
anyway that was my week!! ill have a lot to share with you guys next email since i will be in italy!! its crazy how fast time flies!! it seems like i was just leaving yesterday haha. so if you want to write me no my mailing address has changed to my mission address!!
so che il vangelo di gesu cristo e vero, anche il libro di mormon e la saccra bibbia e vero. Joseph Smith era un profeta, e chiamati di dio. lui restaurato la chiesa. so che mediante l'espiazione possiamo tornaremo a dio. gesu cristo la morte per i nostri picatti. nel nome di gesu cristo amen.
ciao!! vi amo!!
anziano orso

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Anziano Orso Letter July 10, 2013

Ciao! mia Familia e Amici!!!!
this has been crazy week! so last week on wed me and my roommates found one of the Narnia Holes here in the MTC! (a hiding place where missionaries put stuff for other missionaries to find. it was inside a vent above our door! inside was two christmas trees, mints, and a note with a missionaries testimony, that has been there since march! crazy we found it, it was a strong testimony and im excited to leave mine for the future missionaries that live in that room.
thur we had the fourth of july!! it was nice cause the MTC has a big celebration for us. while in class my entire class sung american songs, messing with my companion because hes from canada and was upset how we didnt celebrate canada day for him.....we're in america so im not really going to celebrate it haha. we got out of class early and has a devotional, then we watched 17 maricles! then we were able to stay up later and watched the firework show that plays at the BYU stadium of fire! such awesome fireworks.
on friday there was a huge storm that came in! it was awesome! not like the storms we get in AZ. there was Lightning and loud thunder! i love the smell of rain! plus seeing an actual storm was pretty legit! the thunder was so loud you could hear it through the entire building! crazy!!
so i have taken the advice from many other missionaries who have learned a language and i have been reading the book of mormon in Italian. its really helping me learn more on how to pronunciate and recognize words in the language! plus, its the word of God, so blessings come when your really striving to learn through the scriptures. the language is starting to get more learning past and future tense, but there are certain words that mean different things, so once i memorize those it will be a lot easier. but im not complaining that much. i feel bad for the missionaries who are learning Russian or Korean haha
sunday we had mission conference! it was so spiritual i cant describe how strong the spirit was there. MTC Presidents Wife, sis. Nally talked about how important pioneers were, and how even if you baptize one, their posterity is already blessed! so it got me thinking, even though you arent members i know that from here on my family will be LDS, and yes you will have blessings because of me being a member on a mission. and since i have become a member i have been extremely blessed by the lord. im a modern day pioneer who has changed my family forever!
so this week Both of my really good friends had to leave the MTC ): Mark and JD, but im excited for them to get out into the field and start sharing this amazing Gospel, and blessing family with the Priesthood, Holy Ghost, and Gospel of Jesus Christ. they both have strong testimonies and have helped me grow in my testimony! but im really excited to be serving in Italy.
so we taught one of our investigators on monday! we decided to talk about families and how the lord blesses us and loves on earth with families. but while we were teaching him i felt prompted to talk to him about the priesthood! and how it is the power and authority of God, that blesses the lives of everyone, but mostly how important it is in families. and how through the priesthood we can be together forever. so amazing how the spirit guides the lesson, i have never felt so close to the spirit, its a amazing how one who is obedient and faithful can recieve revelation on the spot! and what even more awesome was we had a general authority speak to us last night, and at the end, he felt prompted to give us all a blessing, it was so powerful and comforting. i have never had a blessing from a general authority before Elder Kendricks!
io so che, il vangelo di Gesu Cristo e vero, il libro di mormon e la saccra bibbia e la parola di dio. un profeta joseph smith restorato la chiesa oggi. mediante il vengelo di Gesu Cristo, Possiamo lebero piccati. noi avere amor per padre celeste. so che il vangelo potere benederci. nel nome di Gesu Cristo Amen.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Anziano Orso's Letter July 3, 2013

so this has been a crazy week!!! but im in the normal routine now so its not that bad.... the only thing is sono molto stanco ogni giorno!! (tired all the time) haha.
but its so crazy how quick someone can pick up the language, not only by studying but heavenly father blessing you! i have been blessed so much since i have been here, i have met awesome people here and its going to be sad when we actually get to italy and have to split up, but hopefully we will be companions during the rest of my mission(:
i cant believe that i have been here for almost a month now! i have three weeks left before i actually get to italy!! which by the way i got my flight plans!! so this is how its going to work. i leave Salt lake at 11:00am, we fly to Chicago and have a 2 hr layover -__- then we fly from chicago to London!! and have a 3 hr layover -__- but i think it will be really cool cause i have never been to london before, i think event the airport will be different and exciting haha then we fly from London to Milan. i leave at 11:00 tue. and arrive 12:00 wed. its going to be a long trip.....
we have been teaching our investigators for almost a week now! its definitely different, but in every lesson i can fell the spirit. our first one is Daniel, hes 28 and is agnostic, he believes in something just doesnt think it is God. so we have been teaching him the restoration and plan of salvation, he goes to church and loves the feeling he gets when hes there, but doesnt think its the spirit. i bore my testimony on the spirit and it was amazing! our second is gianlucca, hes 22 and is going to school to be a cathollic priest, but wants to know about are church for academic we have been talking to him about what he believes and what we believe. we got to the topic about the priesthood and I didnt know what to say, so i told him "i would study and help him get and answer" after studying and learning the vocab to teach him, i talked to him about the priesthood and how we went through and apostacy when the priesthood was taken off the earth, but that God gave Joseph the Priesthood and that is how we have the authority today, i closed with my testimony and he understood all of it!! (i knew about the priesthood, i just didnt know the vocab in italian, so i had to study it)
three of my friends are in the MTC now!!!
mark, he is seriously one of my best friends, we see eachother a lot here haha, we mess around, and we go see eachother in eachothers dorms (just like we're roommates again haha) im going to miss him when he leaves the MTC and go to Chicago....i was here two weeks before him, and he still leaves before me -___- ahha
i was also able to see JD! one of the nicest people i know! she has the biggest heart and thinks she can always do more...but she doesnt give herself the credit for what she does. she has such a strong testimony and i could see any other of my friends go to Kansas (bible belt haha) she will do great!
and finally i was able to see Taylor, hes so chill, and we mess around with eachother all the time. his class is three doors down from me, so when we our classes are gone, we go into eachothers class and leave funny pictures or notes in eachother scriptures. mine are in Italian while his are Portuguese..... we can kinda understand eachothers messages haha.
so below, me and Anzi. Andersen met some elders going to PHX AZ!! im excited for them to go to AZ, but i feel bad because of the heat..... they have such strong testimonies and its awesome that theyre serving the lord, especially since 3 of 4 just graduated High School!!
the more i give my testimony the more the spirit testifies of the truthfulness of this gospel. i love giving my testimony to anyone i see cause i have seen the changes it has made in my life, i know that this church can bring happiness. i have never been as close to heavenly father as i have here or ever in my life. when i times of need or stress or sadness i pray to heavenly father, and with the power of the holy ghost he brings me comfort(: i do know that is you pray and read the book of mormon you will know the truthfullness of the gospel of Jesus christ and the plan he has for all of us. everyday is a blessing. nothing is a coincidence, and i know that heavenly father has a plan for me(: