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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Anziano Orso's email from June 26, 2013

this week has been so crazy!! the first week was kinda boring just because we were new and were getting in the swing of things, but we arent the new anziani anymore so its a lot more fun.
oka to start of! the language is coming a long a lot better! i pray every morning for the language to come to me, and when we teach our investigator Lucca (who is from italy, who we're teaching him about the church) the spirit makes it all come back to me! its amazing how the lord blesses you in timees of need! i can hold a whole conversation in italian!! its legit! i feel like a boss walking about the MTC speaking italian with my roommates and companion. (better than speaking english haha) and because i can speak italian, i can kinda understand the missionaries going to a spanish speaking mission! im excited to actually become fluent in it(:
so we met some missionaries below us who are going to the Phoenix AZ Mission!!! me and my roommates Anziano Andersen go down there and chill with them almost every night. all of them are 18! its so crazy cause some i talk to say "i graduated three weeks ago" mama mia! (oh my gosh)
so funny story, we were back in dorm and i decided to fo to my friends room in the corner room. all of a suddent i hear my name being called through the entire floor? i was confused and we walked outside and all the anziani said your roommates have been looking for you for 30 min!! so i went downstairs to try and find them, but every room i went to they were like "are you orso? some elders have been looking for you" haha they check the entire campus at 9:30 tring to find me haha, its okay cause it lets me know atleast they cared about me haha.
also another crazy story, somehow there is a stomach virus going around the MTC, your either vomiting, or diareaing...... luckily i was only vomiting cause i would hate to be on the toilet all day (which by the way, i dont have a fear of public bathrooms anymore haha) but one night there was 7 of us puking in the trash, it was the nastiest thing ever.....but we're all better now so its all good!
well my last thing i want to talk about it the devotional from last night! it was amazing and something i have never seen at a church event in my life. we got to hear from Janice Kay Perry who wrote many primary songs. i never went to primary but the one song i will always life is well bring the world his truth. but since we're in the MTC and missionaries they we sing "and we are NOW the lords missionaries" its so awesome!! i love the spirit with the MTC. anyway to continue the Devo, sis. perry was telling us about the first line her husband said to her, which was; "those lips look like they could do more than just playing the clarinet"!! it was the funniest thing! and then her husband came and kissed her right in front of the podium haha.

also i got to see Mark Pike and Jaime Mortensen!! (elder Pike and Sister Mortensen) it was so awesome seeing familiar faces!! ill get pictures with them during the week for next time!
just a reminder! i love getting dear elders! they make my day(: and i have more time to reply to those!
i love being a missionary and love the spirit of the other missionaries! io so che la chiesa e vero, il vangelo di gesu cristo benedice famiglie, e il padre celeste affetuoso mi, nel nome di gesu cristo amen.
ciao everyone!!!
pic: italian language learning supplies e missionaries in the MTC

Missionary Conference June 2013

Provo Temple June 2013

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