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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Anziano Orso Letter November 20, 2013

il battesimo, giorno di gratitudine, il permesso, lavoro di missionaro

ciao tutti!! come state??? questa settimana era benisima!! tanto ha fatto!! abbiamo avuto "thanks-giving", un battesimo, ho preso il mio permesso!! tutte cose!! presto avrò venti anni!! (soon i will have 20 years!!!) mama mia!! che cavela?? 3 decembre!!

thursday and friday
 i had to go back to Prato to get my Green Card, which is a 4 hr train ride....not fun. then me and anz. bendezu had to wait in line for 4 hour just to find out that we cant get my permesso until we hit up the Mcdonalds and talked to people. we finally got my permesso and hurried home to catch a train back to alessandria, then train got to piacenza where we had to do a switch and learned that the train was going to be a 15 minute delay.....then 20...30...60....80....100 minute delay!! every 5 minutes it would change, so we were stuck in piacenza on a train, not moving for 2 hours.....which made us miss the baptism....but its okay, hes baptized and came unto christ, which is all that matters!

we had a thanksgiving at a members the pie i made didnt turn out right.....1. because the ovens here cook things differently which i didnt know. 2. i had water left in the pumpkin so it ruined the crust on the bottom. 3. ive never made pie before, cut me some slack mama mia! haha. but the family was nice anyway and said that it tasted good...they were just being nice ahah, i saw one spit it in his napkin -__- haha. but its was really cool! we had a huge turkey! and it was made italian style. the stuffing was sausage, and all deserts were made italian too! it was Forza!!
we had a good day! i was able to be in the blessing for giving Stefano the Holy Ghost! first time ive ever done it! i felt the spirit really strong!! later that day we passed by some simps. and did finding, people are grumpy and mean when it is raining ahha. the people so " ho fretta" which is " i have hurry" and walk right by and wont stop. or give is the cold shoulder. but me and my comp. just laugh it off.
just a whole day of finding! no luck though, but later that day we passed by some referalls and simps. found out one of our simps. wifes passed away, so he was very sad, so we waited said we would return tomorrow, he said it was okay. it just makes me feel better that we have a plan for us, and that god has made it to wear we can be with our families again after this life. so tomorrow we will share that plan with him again.
tuesday we had zone meeting in torino! it was cold and wet, but it was good to see friends. our mission president came to the meeting, i got asked to choose and selection and read from the white hand book, which he said was inspired because i talked about being safe when riding bikes, and i guess in the past 3 weeks there has been 3 bike accidents. always be safe riding a bike!! if the old people can do it, we can haha. then later that day we had an activity with the young men, we went out and did teaching and finding, but of course none of them would talk to anyone haha. but its okay, theyre only 15, i would be nervous and embarressed too haha.
ciao!!! i miei amici!! vi voglio tanta bene!!! avete una buona settimana!!

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