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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter August 27, 2014

che settimana!! caspita!!

ciao!!! come state tutti??? so this has been a really crazy week in my much has happened that its hard to explain it...but i will say i feel really blessed right now to have the companion i have, and thats im here in Pesaro right now. i have such a strong testimony for my comp. right now, and the strength that he has, one of the things thats i love about him. and im so glad that heavenly father has made me his comp, even though i cant compare his experiences to mine, or how hes feeling, but i have been able to help learn the things it took me a while to learn a lot faster. and it has been really tough because im seeing this happen on another side, another perspective. but its still not fun, because someone you love and care about is in pain. but i know that all will be okay. i can explaine how blessed i am to have him as my comp. we have moments togethr where its really tough for me because i just know how hes feeling, and its deja vu all over again for me. but i know heavenly father has put us together for a reason, and its so comforting to know that he knows us, and has a plan for all of us. this is a testimony to me that i know im suppose to be here right now at this time. and it has made me so thankful and greatful for the plan of salvation. my comp Anz. Moa is so awesome!!! and i ask you to pray for him and his family....because he needs to think about a lot of things this next week....and it gets me nervous, but i want him to stay, but what ever deciusion he makes ill support him cento per cento!!

but anyway this week was also filled with good things!!! but first i only think its appropriate that i explain a little bit our baptism!! allora! so it was not my fault in the beginning, because he wasnot getting baptized in the first place, and then it all happened so sudden and quick it was hard to rememebr all the things i wanted to say. but his name is Prince, and hes about 35 hes from Nigeria, hes really cool! such an awesome person....and he really loves us, its the funniest thing because he cant even say my name......its four letters but for some reason he cant seem to do it....dont worry, im getting him to practice it everytime we meet haha. and the funny story about how he chose me to baptize him....well we were planning his baptism and we asked him who he wanted to baptize him and he said his exact words "i want the white man to baptize me, so it shows on my record i was baptized by a white guy" so me and my comp looked at our skins, hes hawaiian, and everyone else in our branch is that was me...but he was happy about it, and i was blessed to do it. Anz. Moa gave him the Holy Ghost. and now hes getting the Priesthood in a couple of weeks!! wahoo!! im so happy how this branch is going lately. we're really doing our bestt o build the branch, so they dont alway need us missionaries doing everying. we're really important in this branch, which is good, but its our calling to help sustain them. and we're seeing a lot of success with that. 

cool thing also! right next to the Church they are having un Circo (a circus) how awesome is that!!! so we are thinkiing of going!! if not ill defintely get pictures of what it looks like right night its so Bello!

other than that i have had a good week!!! we have a lot of work we still want to do! im praying everyday for my comp. and that heavenly father blesses us with miracles!! but i know that i have been blessed so much on my mission already!! and im so grateful! 

sono molto grato di essere un missionario, preferisco stare un missionario per piu di tempo che mi mancha io. ma so che ho tanto lavoro di fare qua a pesaro! sono molto grato per mio collega! non potrei volere un diverso. vi ringrazio per tutte le tue preghiere e letture....(solo alcuni....per cui li conoscono) ciao!! buona settimana!! e il bocca del lupo con la scuola!!

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