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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Anziano Orso's Letter July 3, 2013

so this has been a crazy week!!! but im in the normal routine now so its not that bad.... the only thing is sono molto stanco ogni giorno!! (tired all the time) haha.
but its so crazy how quick someone can pick up the language, not only by studying but heavenly father blessing you! i have been blessed so much since i have been here, i have met awesome people here and its going to be sad when we actually get to italy and have to split up, but hopefully we will be companions during the rest of my mission(:
i cant believe that i have been here for almost a month now! i have three weeks left before i actually get to italy!! which by the way i got my flight plans!! so this is how its going to work. i leave Salt lake at 11:00am, we fly to Chicago and have a 2 hr layover -__- then we fly from chicago to London!! and have a 3 hr layover -__- but i think it will be really cool cause i have never been to london before, i think event the airport will be different and exciting haha then we fly from London to Milan. i leave at 11:00 tue. and arrive 12:00 wed. its going to be a long trip.....
we have been teaching our investigators for almost a week now! its definitely different, but in every lesson i can fell the spirit. our first one is Daniel, hes 28 and is agnostic, he believes in something just doesnt think it is God. so we have been teaching him the restoration and plan of salvation, he goes to church and loves the feeling he gets when hes there, but doesnt think its the spirit. i bore my testimony on the spirit and it was amazing! our second is gianlucca, hes 22 and is going to school to be a cathollic priest, but wants to know about are church for academic we have been talking to him about what he believes and what we believe. we got to the topic about the priesthood and I didnt know what to say, so i told him "i would study and help him get and answer" after studying and learning the vocab to teach him, i talked to him about the priesthood and how we went through and apostacy when the priesthood was taken off the earth, but that God gave Joseph the Priesthood and that is how we have the authority today, i closed with my testimony and he understood all of it!! (i knew about the priesthood, i just didnt know the vocab in italian, so i had to study it)
three of my friends are in the MTC now!!!
mark, he is seriously one of my best friends, we see eachother a lot here haha, we mess around, and we go see eachother in eachothers dorms (just like we're roommates again haha) im going to miss him when he leaves the MTC and go to Chicago....i was here two weeks before him, and he still leaves before me -___- ahha
i was also able to see JD! one of the nicest people i know! she has the biggest heart and thinks she can always do more...but she doesnt give herself the credit for what she does. she has such a strong testimony and i could see any other of my friends go to Kansas (bible belt haha) she will do great!
and finally i was able to see Taylor, hes so chill, and we mess around with eachother all the time. his class is three doors down from me, so when we our classes are gone, we go into eachothers class and leave funny pictures or notes in eachother scriptures. mine are in Italian while his are Portuguese..... we can kinda understand eachothers messages haha.
so below, me and Anzi. Andersen met some elders going to PHX AZ!! im excited for them to go to AZ, but i feel bad because of the heat..... they have such strong testimonies and its awesome that theyre serving the lord, especially since 3 of 4 just graduated High School!!
the more i give my testimony the more the spirit testifies of the truthfulness of this gospel. i love giving my testimony to anyone i see cause i have seen the changes it has made in my life, i know that this church can bring happiness. i have never been as close to heavenly father as i have here or ever in my life. when i times of need or stress or sadness i pray to heavenly father, and with the power of the holy ghost he brings me comfort(: i do know that is you pray and read the book of mormon you will know the truthfullness of the gospel of Jesus christ and the plan he has for all of us. everyday is a blessing. nothing is a coincidence, and i know that heavenly father has a plan for me(:

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