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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Anziano Orso Letter July 10, 2013

Ciao! mia Familia e Amici!!!!
this has been crazy week! so last week on wed me and my roommates found one of the Narnia Holes here in the MTC! (a hiding place where missionaries put stuff for other missionaries to find. it was inside a vent above our door! inside was two christmas trees, mints, and a note with a missionaries testimony, that has been there since march! crazy we found it, it was a strong testimony and im excited to leave mine for the future missionaries that live in that room.
thur we had the fourth of july!! it was nice cause the MTC has a big celebration for us. while in class my entire class sung american songs, messing with my companion because hes from canada and was upset how we didnt celebrate canada day for him.....we're in america so im not really going to celebrate it haha. we got out of class early and has a devotional, then we watched 17 maricles! then we were able to stay up later and watched the firework show that plays at the BYU stadium of fire! such awesome fireworks.
on friday there was a huge storm that came in! it was awesome! not like the storms we get in AZ. there was Lightning and loud thunder! i love the smell of rain! plus seeing an actual storm was pretty legit! the thunder was so loud you could hear it through the entire building! crazy!!
so i have taken the advice from many other missionaries who have learned a language and i have been reading the book of mormon in Italian. its really helping me learn more on how to pronunciate and recognize words in the language! plus, its the word of God, so blessings come when your really striving to learn through the scriptures. the language is starting to get more learning past and future tense, but there are certain words that mean different things, so once i memorize those it will be a lot easier. but im not complaining that much. i feel bad for the missionaries who are learning Russian or Korean haha
sunday we had mission conference! it was so spiritual i cant describe how strong the spirit was there. MTC Presidents Wife, sis. Nally talked about how important pioneers were, and how even if you baptize one, their posterity is already blessed! so it got me thinking, even though you arent members i know that from here on my family will be LDS, and yes you will have blessings because of me being a member on a mission. and since i have become a member i have been extremely blessed by the lord. im a modern day pioneer who has changed my family forever!
so this week Both of my really good friends had to leave the MTC ): Mark and JD, but im excited for them to get out into the field and start sharing this amazing Gospel, and blessing family with the Priesthood, Holy Ghost, and Gospel of Jesus Christ. they both have strong testimonies and have helped me grow in my testimony! but im really excited to be serving in Italy.
so we taught one of our investigators on monday! we decided to talk about families and how the lord blesses us and loves on earth with families. but while we were teaching him i felt prompted to talk to him about the priesthood! and how it is the power and authority of God, that blesses the lives of everyone, but mostly how important it is in families. and how through the priesthood we can be together forever. so amazing how the spirit guides the lesson, i have never felt so close to the spirit, its a amazing how one who is obedient and faithful can recieve revelation on the spot! and what even more awesome was we had a general authority speak to us last night, and at the end, he felt prompted to give us all a blessing, it was so powerful and comforting. i have never had a blessing from a general authority before Elder Kendricks!
io so che, il vangelo di Gesu Cristo e vero, il libro di mormon e la saccra bibbia e la parola di dio. un profeta joseph smith restorato la chiesa oggi. mediante il vengelo di Gesu Cristo, Possiamo lebero piccati. noi avere amor per padre celeste. so che il vangelo potere benederci. nel nome di Gesu Cristo Amen.

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