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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Anziano Orso Letter November 6, 2013

Tutto Giorno Sul Treno! che cavela?
(all day on the train! what the heck?)

so the week i had to make a stop back to prato which is 4 hours on the train. but it was good because we got to go through Firenze at night! and one thing thats good about being in a tourist attraction is all the americans that come haha. so its nice to talk to someone in our own native language haha

so on thursday i had to go watch a  5hr video about life in italia! was not fun, ill tell your how different it is here then america. so i had to watch the video in a room with others with a bunch of different computers so people could watch it in their own language. on my right i had this chinese guy who fell asleep and was talking and snoring the entire time. then i had this lady in my left start breast feeding her baby....and there was nothing covering her. so i had to use my hand as a visor to block was the most interesting and slowest 5 hours of my life here on the mission. but i here that a lot of people have interesting stories about seeing that video, strange people haha.

friday we had to take the train which left at 5 in the morning, so me and companion are waiting for the train, when it got there all these people came off the train which was weird for being 5 in the morning. we forgot it was Halloween, so everyone was partying and they were finally getting home. so we were stuck on the train with a bunch of drunk people dressed up in costumes, we went in a car by ourselves, but you could hear and see them all get off at the stops, really strange. we made it home just in time to go to Nonnas house and eat lunch, her son (not a member) was there are we taught him a cool lesson. but its always difficult with him. but Nonna makes the best italian food ive had on the mission so far.
saturday nothing really big happened, we had a day full of appointment, but the bike broke so we had to walk everywhere, which took forever to get to places. but we helped many come to the gospel, we taught 6 lessons that day, me and my companion went to bed early that day.

sunday was church, and it was really good!! later that evening all the young adults split with us and we all did missionary work, we had appointments and we helped them plan a lesson and teach some less actives. it was pretty awesome!!! i love all the young adults here, they are all always excited for missionary work.

monday and tuesday were days full of teaching and finding, really busy. but that night we had the guy below us come to us and get mad....because he said in the morning our desk chairs wake him he yelled at us and said were not allowed to be making all this noise, and i thought i also bet your not allowed to be smoking in the hallway either. but its all good now.
today for pday we went to the Pizzeria and learned how to make dough and make out own pizza! it was so cool!!! its a lot more difficult then one thinks. these guys knew all the science of pizza!! but they gave us the recipe so i will have to make it when i get back, probably not going to be a good as theirs but ill try haha. anyway italy is great! the weather is getting colder......but other than that the people, food, and language is amazing, im still struggling with the language, i know what theyre saying, but when it comes to me speaking my grammer is horrible. but its progress, i have to keep trying. ciao tutti!! vi voglio bene!!!
Important families to Dom in Prato, Italy

Coniquet and investigators Michaela, and Tulio

Fauria family

Ioanna family

Tower of Pisa
Tower of Pisa
Dom making Pizza



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