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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Anziano Orso Letter October 30, 2013

ciao!!! come stai??

so this week has been good. im finally used to my new city a little more. and my language is improving a whole lot. i can understand better than i can talk. so im doing my best to work on my talking. we teach all the time here. everyday we're teaching a new member. investigator, or part member family. its really a huge blessing seeing and meeting all these people. im really excited for next Pday! we have a member who lives in a city called Acqui Terme, and he owns a Pizzeria. he said that next pday we could go there and he would teach us how to make pizza! spin it in the air, and then after we can cook it! and eat it! im so stoked! we see this guys once a weeks because his cousin isnt a member and we go share a spiritual and sometimes lessons with him. but the city this place is in is amazing!! and so pretty!! and the leaves are changing so its really awesome!!

the weather in alessandria is okay, i have seen the sun twice in two hopefully when i go back the sun comes back out. one thing that cool is alessandria has really cool thunderstorms!!! Lightning and Thunder!! haha. but the only bummer thing is when we're stuck in it while riding our bikes haha. buts thats what makes the mission fun, have to look back on the good times and frustrating times to have a good laugh haha.

so we have a investigator whos name is Stefano. hes awesome and legit. i wasnt the one to find him. he has been taught for about 3 months now. and he has been progressing really well. he has a bapt. date on nov. 16!! and it was a huge miracle because he used to smoke 40 cigs. a day, but then he went down to 10 in a week! so last friday me and my comp fasted for him and since monday he hasnt smoked one! so its really awesome!! and he has a strong testimony and knows that the everything we have taught him is true! and i love how the branch loves missionary work. 

i had to returnt to Prato because i needed to do stuff for my permesso. which is watch a five hour video. so we had to take a 4 hour train ride down here again. its really humid here!! not liking it haha. but its alright, the weather should be cooling down soon!!!

i love being a missionary!!! i love seeing the miracles the lords makes in peoples lives. when someone goes from smoking 40 cigs a day to none in 3 weeks! who could not believe in God! one of the things i love about being a missionary is spending all my time helping people come closer to christ and also myself. as i read the scriptures i learn more about christ and the life he wants for all of us. and i know that these are the words of God! im so blessed to have family and friends who love me, i count my blessings everyday! i couldnt see myself anwhere else at this point in time! God lives, Christ lives, la chiesa di gesù cristo dei santi degli ultimi giorni is the true church on the earth. and i say this with all my heart. amen
vi volgio bene!!


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