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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter January 22, 2014

Felice Gennaio (Happy January) haha

how is everything?? today we took a train to a city called COMO, you should google it, its so pretty, one of the prettiest cities in the mission. there are a bunch of famous people who have houses here which is pretty cool. like the work is crazy here, my area is pretty big, so we take public transportation everywhere, subway, buses and trams. i have put new york a place i dont want to live when i get home. i couldnt live with the chaos everyday. haha. but its good for missionary work, its my favorite finding. because they're trapped and cant get off when i talk to them. one thing thats crazy here is a lot of people speak inglish, which makes sense, but its annoying because ill try to talk italian to them but then respond in inglish. i guess we're both trying to practice our languages haha. the ward here is really cool. full of south americans though....i should have probably paid more attention in spanish in high school. because everything thinks i can speak spanish because im from arizona.......-__- haha

thanks for all the support and everything. im doing pretty good on my goal. i made a goal to finish the bible by the time i hit my year mark. im in 2 sam. and i started reading in nov. i have about 5 more months haha.

ti voglio bene!! 

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