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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter January 30, 2014

Ciao Tutti!! Otto Mesi Gia'!!

so this week was good, the language jumped up for me this week!!! wahoo!! im excited, because the more i can talk to people the more i feel comfortable, and less homesick. which i havent been homesick in a while haha. but i still miss you guys all the time. ill talk to you about our investigators real quick. so we still have Edwin, who is a chinese person. he has a lot of potential, but we had an amazing lesson with some members in our ward, and got Edwin to realize that God sent us him for a reason, and i think hes starting to realize that. the members we went to are really awesome. theyre from the philipines, but the dad works here, so they only speak inglish and togalog. theyre the only ones that dont make fun of my name because they dont understand its italian haha. our other investigator freddy and ida, they have been disappointing because we try to meet with them, and they live pretty far, so when we go all the way there, theyre not then we have to leave, and we wasted a lot of time. but we have a lot of faith, and still pray for him because he really wants to change, but he has his agency that we cant control. then our other investigators that were referalls have been really frustrating too. we passed by and they let us in, but we have gone back three times and everytime they couldnt go it. and they live really far too. so this week has consisted of alot of traveling. and finding, nothing really to special. always going to the parks or talking to people as much as we can. i have a thing for talking to jahovah witness haha. but so far they have all been really nice to me, because some just get really mad and argue with you. but im not worried if that happens either haha. and the weather is really cold!!! i bought another coat, because this one was made for this weather. but nothing new has happened here in italy, everything the same and ill be thankful when spring comes haha. a couple more months haha. i really love my mission, and everything that im learning, things that i know i wouldnt learn if i wasnt here. im meeting all different kinds of people and learning a lot about different cultures here. but most of all i love how special this calling is, misisonaries serve all day for 18 to 24 months, and dont think about about yourself. you do your best to serve others, and i know this is something that has already changed my life. the Gospel is true and i know that Jesus Christ is my savior. Heavenly Father knows each and every one of us, when we have struggles just pray to him, he will help us.

yea my pdays have been getting messed up and short because we have a lot of things we have to do. and we have meetings that theyre making us changing things. and this week i had to go to the military base in Vicenza because im getting my crown finally. so our pday is switched today.
but everything is good, the work slowed here a little, only because there is a huge festival coming up, and everyone leaves to go there, plus its been raining and really cold outside. so no one really goes outside. but luckily we can come to them, we have been doing a lot of knocking doors, but that okay, gotta do what you gotta do. haha.

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