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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter April 9, 2014

Penso che L'estate e' arrivata (i think summer has arrived)

ciao tutti!!! this week is a lot different then most of the weeks! and i think this transfer is going to be a lot different too! 1. this is the longest i have stayed in a city. 2. im the oldest person in the city of the missionaries. 3. my comp is going home in six weeks, so hes really excited and it makes  a little home sick. 4. its starting to get hot! which means humidity and BUGS!! but other than that im really excited about this transfer! im getting older in the mission which is weird, because i can remember when i first got here in italy! ive changed and so has my ideas and thought about how to be a missionary.

this week i got my new companion, his name is anziano warnock! hes really cool, hes from Bountiful Utah! and he goes home at the end of the transfer (6 weeks) which makes me kind of jealous haha. but hes really cool, hes only a little taller than me, which makes me happy because all of my comps have been giants haha. ( yes i know im small) so the first couple days i was just showing him around the area, told him all about our investigators. this is all new for me because my first two cities i was new, so my comps had to do all this for me, its weird being the other person ahaha. its definitely making me grow, and i have to do a lot of the talking right now to because he doesnt know the simps, i do, so i have to help break the ice haha. 
 New Comp! Anziano Warnock
Baptism! Sanndy
anyway how it works in italy for conference! sat evening they show a recorded sat. morning session. then sun. at 10, we watch priesthood 2 we watch sat. evening, and 6 we watch sun. morning live from utah! its a long day because we have to stay at the church the entire time, but it was fun because there were about 16 missionaries there. of course we're the only ones in the inglish room too haha. we all loved conference!! priesthood was so good! i got good notes and i cant wait to put them into practice for the work here. 

monday was good!! but while we were studying we heard a huge BANG! then we heard "AIUTO (HELP)" we looked outside and a car nailed a dude on a motorcycle! that is the third one i have seen in the city in the same intersecion, everyone was okay!! i will never drive a motorcycle here in italy haha. but later that day we went to a lesson with a family!! theyre so awesome! i love getting a new comp, because you take them around to all the members and simps and we get fed a lot! which is good and bad, good: because they cook amazing!! bad: because all we do is eat and we get fat haha.

tuesday we had inglish class and family home evening!! its was FUN!!! we played games, and i had to teach the lesson, which is pretty easy now because i can speak italian, not very well, i can comunicate and have a conversation, but one can always do better. 

im so thankful for this opportunity i have to serve a mission, as im coming up on my year mark i think of how my mission has changed me so far, all the changes i have seen with my life, my investigators, and my friends and family at home. i love this chance i have to serve the lord and be his tool in blessing the lives of his children. im so thankful for the knowledge and blessings i have from this church, the bible and the book of mormon. which i know without a doubt that when one reads that book, will gain a testimony that it is true, that jesus is our savior, and that god loves us. im thankful for the testimony that i have of the book of mormon. and i know that i can continue to grow my faith in god and jesus through it. 

vi voglio bene!! ci sentiamo!!  ciao!

my crazy District! Anz. Miller, Sorella Egbert, Sorella Gillette

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