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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter March 2, 2014

ciao tutti!!

this week has been really good!! friday the sisters had a baptism! this girl named sanndy, shes so awesome, shes from south america, her parents are members of the church, and she randomly came into the church one day. well during church and family home evenings we have had good talks and talking about how i joined the church and why she wants to join the church. well she asked me if i could baptize her! it was really nice that i was asked, but of course shes south american, so i had to practice all four of her names, they were easier than some that i have heard haha. we give a lot of blessings in the ward and there are a lot of people from the filipines, south america, so their names are pretty crazy sometimes haha. but i love helping the people and using the priesthood.

so this monday we found out im staying here in milano for another transfer (6 weeks) but my comp is going to leave, so tomorrow im going to get another comp, his name is Anz. Warnock, hes going to be in his last transfer, so a term we say in the mission, is when a mission finishes his missions, that means he "dies", and his last comp in the mission is the person who "kills" him. so this is the first missionary that im going to "kill" haha. im excited, because this means he has been in the mission for a long time and im excited to learn new things from him. but this means i have to say by to my comp right now, anz. miller, im going to miss that guy! hes really awesome and we have some good memories!

im really excited for general conference next week, one of the best times to be on a mission is during general conference! im so excited to hear from the prophet and apostles. 

the weather is starting to get not going to like it because it gets really humid, and italy has HUGE bugs!! its crazy! but good news is that means more people are out in the city which makes it easier to do finding work! our invest. pool kinda slowed down, but we have good goals for this next transfer!! we're going to baptize!! 

i love my mission so much! im am learning so many things, about myself, heavenly father and others. im making friends and helping others come closer to heavenly father. i know that this is the true church, i feel it confirmed through the holy ghost. i know that my savior loves me and all his children. being a missionary is a way of life for me right now, i couldnt go back to the real world haha, i love this opportunity i have help others. im feeling amazing! 

vi voglio bene!! ciao!!

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