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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter June 11, 2014

Ciao Tutti!!!

so much has happened these past weeks its hard to write it all down haha.
sunday we had an investigator come to church, he doesnt stay for the
whole thing because he has no money and has to go eat. we organized a
lunch so he could stay the entire time. he has a huge smoking problem,
almost two packs a day. well we then had a lesson with him and
challenged him not to buy anymore cigaretts. and so far his has done
it!!! its been two days, so we'll keep praying and encouraging him.

monday we had a scambio, there has been this kid who has done alot for
us in the past few week, so on our scambio i decided to take him
somewhere to eat. its was good, the closest thing i could find to
american food here. but earllier that day we went to the park to do
some finding. ill tell you im starting to die here haha, its hot and
humid, i can do hot, but not the humidity. so pray for me haha. but
its was really funny when we were at the park, because there was a
bunch of people tanning, guys an girls, i swear in this country any
chance they have to wear less clothes everyone goes on it haha. so we
have to be careful for the park again. haah. but one this that was
really funny was at one part of the park, there were a lot of people
tanning, like 10 people. i didnt think much of it until we left, i
realized it was all guys, im not kidding, it was a lot like jersey
shore. GYM TAN except i never see the Laundry haha.

tuesday was the busiest day so far here in Milano. because we're in
three, we do a lot of switching, where i go with other people and my
comps go with other people, this way we can get a lot more work done.
well i left the house at 10:30 in the morning, and didnt return to he
house until 9:30 at night, because it was a lot of finding and
teaching and traveling. i was so tired haha.

wed. morning we got a call telling us there is going to be a space
transfer, (its when you get moved to another city on short notice
during the transfer) well ill tell you that im not going to be the one
transferred, im staying here and any. smith is going to be transferred
to another city haha. so that means im staying here to finish out the
transfer here in milano. which is good because i would like to finish
the transfer here.but im staying in a threesome still haha. but its
cool my new comp in the threesome will be any. alder, hes from my
group and we were in the MTC together. so its going to be fun haha.
now im just curious where im going to go after this transfer. btw,
tomorrow will be one year that i left for my mission, so this is my
year mark haha. wahoo!! im a big boy in the mission.

miracle for the week, one day me and my comps were waiting for the
bus, it was really hot and we were roasting in the sun, well out of no
where a dude on a bike comes around the corner, says "fresh water" and
drove off, it was so awesome!!! so thanks for all the prayers on
keeping us safe haha.

grazie per tutto!! vi voglio bene! spero che la vostra settimana vada
bene!! ci sentiamo! ciao

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