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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter June 18, 2014

ciao Tutti!!! come state!! Dio ci ama!

thur. we had an emergency transfer, so now im still in a threesome, but im with anz. briand, and now anz. alder, him and i are from the same MTC group, its weird to be with someone in the same group, because we talk about how we're going home next year, and we talk about the MTC, its pretty fun. then over the weekend we just finished strong teaching and finding new simps. ill tell you i am so tired, but its good, because it means you working if your tired haha. i love my mission so much!!! i couldnt have been blessed with this chance i have if it was for heavenly father helping me, and with all the love and support from all of you at home. and this past week i have been thinking a lot because i could be getting transferred now, which means ill have to say goodbye to everyone, and this is going to be one of the hardest things to do here in milano, because i have been here from 6 months, these people are my family and i have made strong great and strong relationships. only thing that is a bummer about the mission, saying by way!!! tooo!!! much!! me and my comps have made a deal, only speak italian, in all places, except now....and when we have to talk to someone who only speaks english, its pretty hard, but i have seen a massive improvement in myself and how fluent my language is. if anyone has to learn another language i would recommend doing this, it will help you learn the language so much quicker. so this week i have never ran so many times in my entire mission, i hate public transportation, i will never live in a big city haha, its hectic, i had to catch a bus and a tram, which i had to run to both of them, such a tiring day. these past couple days have been good too!! monday was the start of the week, and we taught and had a serata familiare with a member! it was good, the spirit was really strong. yesterday for inglish class we watched a movie! "the prince of egypt" it was a good movie, ill tell you i kinda miss movies haha. but its not on my mind all the time. and today we went to switzerland again, its so cool to just cross the boarder and go to a different country, and then come back to italy, if i could choose a place to live so far, it would be switzerland haha.

we are working hard trying to find investigators, we had a few disappointing experiences this week, we got dropped by two people, which was hard, because they were so close and then some how they just got scared or worried. but we are still working with some awesome people!! this south american family who has a brand new baby, i met them for the first time and they seem really awesome. then teresa, who has to wait to get divorced, but because the law changed she may be able to get remarried sooner, and then baptized! then we have the teen his name is alberto! hes cool we hadnt seen him for three weeks, and now im sad because i should be leaving, hes an awesome dude! as you can see its going to be hard to leave this city, and a cool thing there is an activity this friday multicultural night!!! we are excited!!

i know that my savior lives, i know that God answers prayers. and i would choose to be anywhere else right now. vi voglio bene!! ciao!!

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