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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter July 9, 2014


i love my new area!!! its so pretty!! and next to the sea!!! and the weather isnt that bad, because we get the cool sea breeze!! we dont get really rain here, and if we do, its for about an hour and then the sky is all clear again haha. i love my comp. his name is anz. Moa. hes from hawaii, but we knew each other in Milano, so it was cool to learn i was going to be comps with him! the lessons are good, we have a lot of simps. but non really progressing, so we teach a lot, but i get frustrating with people sometimes.....cant control their agency. but its a good way to help me grow. and being district leader has given me a lot more responsibilities that i now have to be more focused, with my work and the work of my district! but i love it, the missionaries here are awesome!!! im making good friends!! there isnt really less actives here, and the ones that are, we are talking to them already haha. btw we have a really old apartment, about 15 yr. ago they had church in our living room haha. funny. but thanks for eerything and all the love and support!!! ti voglio bene!! the key board is making it hard to write a lot. talk to you later!! ciao!!

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