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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter July 23, 2014

mamma mia! does sound like an interesting week haha. but i bet it kept you all on your toes haha. i know i have been these past weeks. being  a district leader is fun, because you get to learn more about missionaries, their teaching, and helping push the work forward in all the areas of your district. i have two cities in my district. its awesome!!! it does get stressful, but im feeling myself stretch, which is really cool!

this week i have been on the road let say! i did 2 exchanges, and had to travel for all of them. then on monday we had interviews with president. man im so tired of trains haha. we dont have cars so we have bikes, trains, and buses haha. wahoo for public transportation...especially during strikes!! NOT! thats the worst part of having to rely on them haha. but trains make it real easy to talk to people! because when you sit next to them, they cant run haha. not trying to sound like we try to trap them haha. 

we started a new finding method, there is a book called my family, its about genalogy, its fun and easy! and as missionaries we had to make a book ourselves. so now we take this around with us to go finding, its fun because we just talk about families with people, and some even show us fotos of theirs! because i have fotos on mine. gotta love how clever the lord is in helping find new ways to find people! 

have a great week! ciao!!

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