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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter August 6, 2014

so nothing is really changing here for me! this is transfer week and me and Anz. moa are staying together!! but im losing a whole bunch of friends, they're all finishing their missions, :( all the girls who left after the age change. so all these girls left on missions. now they are now finishing their missions. and this week starting the first group of girls going December the sisters that came with me go home....then ill have 5 months left!! crazy! i realized my missions is flying by a lot quicker than i thought it would haha. when you have a leadership position and you know people going home your mission just flies! but its okay, i know there is still a lot that i can do, and i have to do.

i have a lot to do this transfer as district leader.....i have to write a report on the work not only in my branch, but also in another city ancona. but cool news! nothing is really changing this transfer in my district, but one missionary is leaving, and we're getting Anz. Puggsley! he was in my district in milano, and he was comps with my comp right now. so it'll be really cool to do an exchange with him. we're are doing a lot of finding this transfer because our teaching pool is dropping, but we got a lot of referals this week, so we're going to be busy contacting them this week. 

well we have been having some ups and downs with our simps. one was suppose to be baptized last week, but went into the hospital, because he went blind for a couple of days. he got out and we were going to baptize him the next week, well we decided to pass by him and right then we saw him light a cigarette. and we were like "what the heck! he said he doesn't really have a problem, but now we have to make sure he stops smoking for good. the other ones are good, a lot of problems here with the law of chastity and word of wisdom! and they worst part is some people don't think its wrong. so we have to work with this kind of stuff all the time. but all is good and we're pushing forward! i have high hopes for this transfer. im starting trasnfer 10 of 16 next week....weird haha. ti voglio bene!! ciao!!

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