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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter July 30, 2014

come stai?? hows the life in az?? i bet its rreally hot, well here its really hot, and then 20 minutes later im getting hit in the face with H2O......the weather here needs to be put on meds haha. its pazzo(crazy) lol.this week was really busy, we did exchanges and traveling, and this is the last full week until transfers, but i think im going to stay the same. and i just got news that a family from milano is coming to pesaro to come see me before they move back to the filipines!! im so excited! i miss milano so much haha. one of my favorite cities haha. the weather here suciks haha, one minute its sunny and really hot, then the dark clouds come in and it pours for the rest of the night......and we get soaked haha. but its okay, pesaro isnt that big of a city. so we can get to places pretty fast. man thats crazy i have lived in italy for a whole year!!! wahoo!! the time has gone by so quick i cant believe it. but i still have 10 months which seems like a long time, but then it i said in my mission we have 16 transfers, and after next week ill be in transfer 10.....what the heck....its so weird haha.

today we had a bike accident haha, we all good, it was actually pretty funny, my comp crashed first and then i flipped over him and got trapped under the bikes haha. but dont worry we're all good, no one was hurt, just some scrapes haha. 

im just so blessed to be here, i know its the same things everyweek, but every pday when i write i reflect on how my week went, and i just see all the blessing that padre celeste gives me!!

che bella vita!

selfies on Anz. Berg (:

​sono il tuo bel figlio (: 

what else can i say for this week, the time just keeps flying and im loving my mission, i know i have a lot of time left, so im not counting down the days, after december is when ill be freaking out haha. but until then im not thinking about it.....

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