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Friday, October 24, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter October 22, 2014

un miracolo, due miracolo, tre miracolo.......e continua ancora!!

this week was really interesting! more than last week!! therefore i have something to talk about this week!
we have this guy named ricky who we found on the train and have been teaching for about a month and a half...hes really cool and pretty elect. he has met with the missionaries in the past so he knew a lot of stuff! anyway we gave him a bapt date for this sat. but we gave him tht date a month ago! and hes is hes we're having a baptism!!! wahoo!! we're so excited(: and anz. moa is going to baptize him!! its going to be his first one!

this week i did a scambio with anz. stringfellow, hes fresh out of the MTC so hes been in italy for about 5 weeks haha. its so funny and he makes me laugh so much...just because hes new and getting into the hang of things. makes me remember when i was a greenie and all new haha. we had a serata familiare with almost the entire branch! it was so fun!! i laught so much i couldn breathe. and scambio was funny too becuse i dont think stringfellow really knows how to ride a bike...and if he does not used to riding on a bike in traffic haha. becuase he crashed into me three times and almost went right into the middle of the was interesting haha. 

tuesday we had inglish class, it was really fun because i have made really cool friends with the we just  talk and play games and stuff! we played a game where they had to make up a story...and i made them tell a story about me. so what ended up happening at the end of the story i was stranded on an island with hayden was so so funny, we ended getting married at the end. i love my inglish class students haha. and the coolest my fault but i forgot to turn in a rimborsment so i had to b careful on what i bought this week. well one of our students bought us groceries!! how awesome was she!! it was a huge miracle and a amazing thing to do (: so awesome!

so today has been the coldest day since i have been here....this morning it rained....then it got really windy and its its really sunny outside! but its still really cold!! good thing i have my jacket and scarf (: (scarfs arent gay in italia so hop off) haha. i like them a lot, because they keep my neck warm and you have a pillow if your tired haha. 

the mission is awesome!!! i count my blessings everyday and so happy for this chance i have to serve the Lord! Temples are amazing!! and its as close to heaven on earth!! life lesson i learned this week: i never completely understood how the spirit is so strong when your in the service of your fellow man. charity is really one of the biggest attributes of christ that works miracle! and this experience will forever be with me. 

Miracles: so sunday was full of miracles!!! Ricky had to come to church to be baptized this week! last week we mat a member from the UK who was visiting her boyfriend, sunday he came to church and asked for a book of mormon, and we got a referal from a member in another city that wants to come with us to see this family!! and then the lady who brought us groceries!! heavenly father blessed us so much this week!

vi voglio un sacco di bene!! ciao!

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