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Friday, October 10, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter October 9, 2014

che bella era la conferenza de generale

another amazing week in the Pesaro Italia! i love being in this country!!! words cannot describe how much my love has grown for these people here.....even though at times it may be difficult i truly love these people. and thankful for every opportunity i have to serve them. this week was really busy! had two scambios with missionaries! i went to Ancona and Ravenna! so cool and loved every minute of my time there.

not much really happened this week!!! just went and did missionary work to be honest! we set a goal to talk to a lot more people to get more investigators! a huge blessing this week was Ricky our bapt date came to conference! wahoo! it was really good and we really liked it.

cool story this week! there are a lot of people here who i made a goal to get cigarettes from people...but tell them its bad not just ask for a cigarete. well this guy we were talking to agreed with us and i asked if i could have his pack of cigarets and on the secong time i asked he said yes! wahoo! made my goal lol. dude gave me a whole pack! crazy! but i saved his life a few days lol. 

the work here is amazing!!! me and my comp had a really good correlation with our ward mission leader...its tough at times because our branch is the smallest branch in the entire stake! so its a lot of work for us....but we helped him realize that its not just us that can do it.....missionaries and members need to work together! it was really good. he told "wow anziani i really feel the spirit telling me that everything you've just told me we need to do" it was a really good meeting....and i felt the spirit really strong. because as missionaries we are in a city for a while...and we give all our heart into the city, people, and members....and we want them to be really good when we all leave, we say leave the city better than you found it. 

conference was stupendo!! i loved all the cool was it that we were given the translation in english for  few talks this time? i love how the church is letting speakers talk in their own native tongue!! now more people are probly going to be able to talk! the church is growing! my favorite part was how they talked about the importance of having a profet! and how we all need to sustain and support him, i know that thomas s monson is called of God, and we all need to know that as the world changes Gods laws dont....and conference helps each of us everytime remember that. but also shows us that the changing in the world can be used for pushing the work of the Lord forward!

i have had really amazing lessons this week with our simps! where the spirit has been so strong and we all share our testimonies! and they lessons have ended with baptismal dates(: wahoo! i mean who can so no when the spirit is so thick your whole body is numb and relaxed haha. i can really see myself stretching here! probly one of the most stretches i have in my entire mission. of course i can always improve everyday... im far from perfect. but the changes i have made in my life and the blessings i have seen from it is amazing! and i thank Heavenly father everyday, and all your support for this. im a changed still Dominic, but im becoming the Dominic that Heavenly father wants me to be and who i know i need to be. missionaries are amazing! the church is True! Italia is beautiful! how lucky are we to have the full Gospel! vi voglio un sacco di bene! ci sentiamo!! ciao!!

Con Amore, Anz. Orso!!

Branch President Di Nuzzo

Me, Fratello Falchi Simone, Anz. Moa

The Italians are tired of all the cavities :) haha

they asked me to model for the church ...
This is the outcome. haha

Zone Meeting. Love this zone!!

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