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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter December 3, 2014



mamma mia i cant believe i have 21 years haha. its really crazy!! so much has happened this past year, in tanto age is just a number, the importance is how you act. you need to take the experience you have growing up and everyday and use it to better your life. but i im so excited, growing up i would expect to be here in italy for my 21st birthday haha. im so blessed to be here!! but i have been so busy! man what a week!

okay so for Thanksgiving (il giorno di ringraziamento) we had a little party! it was really awesome!! especially since i planned the whole thing in two days haha. and i made a Pumpkin Pie! it was like the one that moms know how to make, but being in italia and having to do everything by scratch i think i did really good. except the crust was really salty...but everyone was very nice and said it was good anyway haha. i guess there's always christmas!!

we have been so busy lately its insane!! the last few weeks of the transfer have been flying! we found out this sat. if im going to get transferred....its  a bittersweet. i really want to see a new city! but i have build such strong relationships with everyone here its going to be really sad to leave. but i know God has a plan for me, and i know im need somewhere else in italy to help continue bringing souls unto christ. but who knows, i could stay here haha.

so i probably havent told you guys but im the second counselor in the branch here, we dont have enough people for another counselor, and because im older as a missionary and in age i have been second counselor. but last sunday was the first time i had to sit up at the podium haha, it was really weird lol.

cool thing, we had a scambio this week, i was with Anz. Giles, and he taught me how to read and play the piano....of course its going to take a lot of practice...but i have the basics down and i can practice, so hopefully in 6 months when i get home i can play also practicing my singing so i can stop sounding like a dying horse haha. hopefully i improve lol. then last night we had inglish class! it was really fun!

so i have made almost everyones dream when they come to italy, beside coming to italy, i have made good friends with 2 pizza places! haha, they are so awesome! im going to miss them! haha im so thankful we live in  a world with Facebook haha, we can always have contact with our friends from the mission(:

i love being a missionary! i couldnt picture myself anywhere else in the world! i love being  a representative of Jesus Christ, i love wearing his name on my chest everyday, and being called Anziano Orso haha. this past year a half has been so crazy, and i have grown and changed a lot! its really insane! and now im 21!! when did that happen, i feel like i just graduated high school haha. life goes way to fast to just be lazy and throw it away, we need to live life to the fullest and do the best we can grow spiritually and mentally, im grateful for my savior and his sacrifice. and im grateful for my heavenly father who cares so much about us, we just need to open our eyes and look at all the blessing he gives us. :) grazie a tutti, thanks to everyone for all that you do for me! thanks for the prayers and birthday wished!! i want a sack of good for your all!! ciao!!

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