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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter December 10, 2014

Ciao how is everyone!?!?! so here are my stats so far in the mission!!

Transfer: 13/16
Companion: Anz. Anderson
Leadership: Zone Leader
City: Muggio' (Milano)

so much has happened and im thankful for all that i have learned this past 6 months here in Pesaro! im grateful for the lord and the blessings he has given me her. i know we serve is by inspiration. i love my mission i know this is the true church. im in my last 6 months of my mission and im going to continue serving with all my heard might mind and strength....because really the end isnt the end, missionary work is a never ending thing! love and miss all of you!! Buon Natale! ci sentiamo!! ciao!!
 Mi Trasferisco..... :( sento cosi' cosi'

yes my time here in Pesaro is done and im going on to my next big and great adventure! i have been called to be a Zone Leader in Muggio', which is the Milano Est zone haha. so im going back to milano...but its going to be in the either zone! so im excited! and my comp is going to be Anz. Rick Anderson! if you rememer him from the MTC and he was the one who i was told about before i left on my mission. even in the MTC we said dont worry we'll serve together as zone leaders haha....crazy to think 18 months later its happening haha. so this is going to be fun Transfer! im excited for the new risponsibility. also being his comp helps me  alot because switching right before christmas is difficult so now im not so worried...and i get to do a scambio in my old city again with the AP which is Anz. Miller who i served with in milano when we do our scambio its going to be like old times haha.

this week has been busy with saying good by to all the members and trying to leave my city better than when i found it...which i can confidently say i am proud of what i did in this city. 

there is  a new church video about christmas which is really cool! im so excited and i invite all of you to go on it and check out what really is the true meaning of christmas! im grateful for my savior and for all that he did and does for me. im greatful for the plan of salvation and i know exactly where my grandma....its hard saying good by...but actually what i heard from someone yesterday....its never goodbye its Ci Vediamo (see eachother later) because its true! i love this gospel, this church, my life has been changed and im ever grateful(:  vi voglio bene!! ciao!!      go check it out!!!

-Anz. Orso!!!

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