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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Snippits from Anziano Orso's emails to us (few and short)

from March 18th

this week has been really good! very busy week for us as zone leaders....we have to do 5 exchanges....2 zone tranings....and we have general conference. and ward activities....this transfer is going to fly! but we have a lot of stuff we want to do for easter! the church is going to release a new video so im excited! we are also having a conference with anz. Bednar!!! im so excited! i have never met an apostle before (: Our mission is now getting ipads.... -__- but i wont be here to use them because i go home 4 weeks after the conference...and they have to do a lot of things first before the give them out. but its can i be jealous of something i never had right?

sorry i dont have a lot of time! but thanks for all the prayers! hope all is well with you!! i pray for you often too! let me know how it goes with tories mission call! thats so excited! ti voglio bene!! ciao!

from March 4th

Its true anziano andersen is getting transfered!!! it seems the time has gone by so quick! these past three months flew so quick! we have some of the best memories of my missiion together....but im really excited because he is my flight buddy haha. hes going off to be a district leader and im staying here as zone leader. my new comp is anz. tolman...i dont know much about him....solo that hes from idaho and is going into his 13 transfer. im starting my 15.....this is the transfer i get my customs letter haha. im really excited though about this transfer! we have a lot of stuff to do! and there are a lot of new people in the zone that im really excited to know! and some of my favorite missionaries are getting transfered into the zone haha! so this should be a really fun transfer! 

so it was not a good week for us work wise! we got dropped by almost all of our inv. so when my new comp. comes we are going to have to start from the bottom....they all had weird reasons...but in the end it was their agency...we still have contact with them and will do the best we can to keep givving them interest. 

other than all has been good! thanks for all the love and prayers! have a good week! ti voglio bene! ciao!!

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