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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter December 17, 2014

mi sto abituando....

so this city is really weird and something im not really used too....its really cool i have a car but i have to wait to drive until i have consiglio....we are also really busy all the time which definietly a change for me. but me and my comp work really good together. are teaching is very well and we just know how to get things done. we are both really good with the language and being outgoing....its a really cool experience. and we get  a long really well. so i found out i know his cousin by the way....trey branham whos in costa rica. so its a small world haha. but i do have to admit we get a trunk fest going on sometimes because we both go home at the same time haha. and we're from arizona so we talk about home a lot haha. but its doesnt get us distracted from the work! 

so this week has been just me learning how to be a zone leader. which im really excited about...most importantly its just more numbers haha. but its cool! being a district leader has helped me a lot with all this stuff. so it was sad saying by to everyone in pesaro...i miss them a whole lot :( because i came here when they opened a companionship of honestly i havent had the biggest welcome here in this ward.....everyone cares a lot about the sisters and im just a way its kind of depressing but im not letting that bring me just trying my best to build a good relationship with the members by myself.

the weather is of course cold. wet. and cloudy all the time.....its a huge bummer! but im not a lone when i complain about the weather haha. my apartment is really cool and fun! we all get  along so well and its a blast! we joke all the time. also the sisters in the ward are so cool also! one is brand new and is learning italian...which makes me laugh sometimes because i used to be like really shows how much progress i have made in the past year and a half. 

things are getting ready for natale! which is going to be fun! we're having a dinner on saturday which should be really fun! its my chance to make good friends with all the members. its crazy to thing this is my last city! which is what we all think...its not certain but we can most likely assume this will be my last so happy to be a missionario here in italia! i have loved every single minute of my mission and i am going to continue to push forward the work as best as i can. 

a cool miracle we had was two people from brasile came and we tought them already two lessons...and they came to church for the first time! we had 4 new people in church this past week! it was such a cool miracle! i know this church is true and when we work hard heavenly father will bless us, i know he knows us better than we think....and if we put our effort in he will make up the rest. vi voglio bene! ciao!!

#condividerildono  #sharethegift BUON NATALE!!!

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