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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Anziano Orso Letter August 14, 2013

Buona Sera Tutti!!

so we are teaching two families and one man. a this will be a shock but they are not italian....two families from pakistan and another man from nigeria. this city is very diverse. but ill tell you about the families. the first one is the Gill Family. they are nice, the husband and wife are members but the kids are not. something really cool is the husband was the first member ever in pakistan!! and was the first member from pakistan to go on a mission!! its so cool! he met his wife and introduced her to the church, they have three kids, two girls and a boy. so we go over there and teach them the lessons because the husband is in germany and they havent been going to church. so we have been helping them get that want to go. the second is a pakistan family who moved here 4 years ago. his wife went to england to study religion, they are christian, which is a blessing because everyone we meet from there is muslim. so we have been reading the book of mormon with them and helping them apply it in their lives to see the blessings. they have a 10 month baby girl who had the same problem Britts baby jaxon had. so we have been praying for her and helping them with anything we can. the last guy is name is israel and hes from nigeria. he has been in italy for 11 months, and his family lives in new york. but hes very smart and knows a lot about the bible. he loves to read and read alot from the book of mormon already. and hes starting to gain a testimony!! so really amazing to help people change their lives and find the love christ has for them.

now the work here has been really kicking up more, it has the potential. every time we talk to members or talk to in church we tell them how important they are in missionary work. and its been making a difference, they have been asking us to come over to help teach non members or less actives. but i have not yet had my first real italian meal :( like the italians say "piano piano" which means "over time" aha.

monday we went over a members house and had a family home evening. they are the Ianni family, and we were also joined with the Faurdia family (this family reminds me a lot of you guys) but after our lesson and activity we ate little appetizers. me and my companion asked what is was sorella Ianni said she will tell us after we try it.....after we ate it we asked what it was, she then said its turkey......liver. yes i have just tried my first foriegn delicacy in italy. i guess liver is popular here....but i hope they only do it on special occasions. also here they eat everything from an animal, brains, eyes.....its a little weird. but my big fear is i dont know what the packages say, so i hope im not buying pig intestine or something haha.

italian facts!!
1. everyone is active!! they either run, walk, or bike everywhere!!
2.people honk for no reason when they drive haha
3.they dont monitor anything..... not a good thing
4.they have cigarette dispensers on every corner (no wonder there are 12 yr olds smoking)
5. the only fast food here is kabob and pizza, pizza and kabob, and last a pizza-kabob....haha i have tried both
6. everyone uses public transportation! a lot quicker than a car dont say hi to someone unless you plan on having a conversation with them. so when us missionaries walk by and say "ciao" they freakout.

love and miss you guys!! i love being a missionary!! 

ho una testimonianza della chiesa. questa chiesa e vero, il libro di mormon insegne con la sacra bibbia contiene la pienezza del vangelo di gesù cristo. il nostro padre celest ci ama. and mediante seguire il esempio di gesù cristo possiamo tornare con lui e la nostra famiglia. amen.


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