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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Anziano Orso Letter August 21, 2013

ciao!!! so much had happened this week!

so this week we have been teaching a lot of lessons, but its hard to get the second appointment. but we beat our transfer goal already!!! we have 17 investigators, and this week we taught 13 lessons!!! its was awesome!. the days are long but the weeks are fast, even though its hot and gross during the day i think 1. im in italy 2. im a missionary 3. im in italy 4. i could be in arizona 5. im a missionary haha. either way im a missionary serving the lord in Italy!! haha, no way bad anyway you look at it haha.

i was discouraged this week, we were talking to this one man who we have been teaching and he told me how can i be preaching if i have even read the whole bible, but i said im preaching the book of mormon, because this too is the word of God, and along with the bible, this book helps clarify and explain doctrines and principles that have been lost over time. and i know this book is the word of God and it can help your in your life and your families. so i didnt let him fully discourage me, but made me want to read the bible a lot more, so know one can use that against me. 

thursday was an italian national holiday; ferragusto, which is called "holidy of august" haha. but anyway we didnt know there was going to be a huge celebration in piazza, but there as a huge gathering of people. because the catholic  church here has the original "sacred sash" which was the virgin mary's sash she gave to thomas!! so we were able to see it. and they only show people 4 times a year. it was awesome. 

we started a program here in Prato called "ogni membro missionario" which is to help others get involed in missionary work. its awesome so far. we are testing it 6 families and seeing how they do. our goal is to get our referrals up. the brach is called Prato, and there are 200 member, but only 80 active members, they want to become a ward soon, so we are trying to help them make their goal. 

today this morning me and the other anziani attended catholic mass. it was interesting. i couldnt understand it, but we stuck out and everyone kept giving us stares. but it was okay haha. 

fun fact: one day i made pasta and called its "pasta di orso" which i then decided not to call it that because that means bear pasta haha. so that was no bene haha. 

i know this is the true church, im happy to be a missionary in italy!! vi voglio bene!!

love Anziano Orso

Domenico is my name in italian and on the back of coke bottles is says 

"condividere questa coca cola con Domenico" its was cool haha

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