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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Anziano Orso Letter August 28, 2013

Ciao Tuuti!!

everything here is good. it was a busy week, but the weather is starting to cool down which is good. the language is still pretty tough, some days i just get really frustrated because i cant talk to anyone.....but i know that it will come over time. but nothing new this week, same old stuff, teaching the gospel to people, and just being friendly. this week was really excited in church, because he have spent a lot of time figuring out a way we can help get members more involved in church, and with missionary work. well this friday we have an activity where we are helping people get more involved. its called "ogni membro missionario". but that this friday so we have been preparing for that!!!

we do a lot of finding work, its mostly a long this river here in prato, well, we walk a long that path a lot because there are a bunch of parks also, but there are also the same people who are a long the path too. so even though they dont want to hear the gospel, they are atleast nice to us and say "ciao". so we have made some friends!! which is good haha

we went to this place called the Duomo, which in every city its the HUGE church. (i sent a pic of it) anyway two of the Anziani (elders) started singing Hymns to get attention from everyone, then me and Anz. Walker went and started talking to everyone. its worked alittle, we were able to hand out pamphlets and stuff. plus, the people who have never heard of us, get a good first impression!! 

nothing really new or big this week, its the last week of the transfer, ill most likely stay here in Prato, its good because there is this 18yr. girl who is getting baptized next week!! her name is xoimarra, and i have been able to teach her a couple lessons, shes really smart, she was like me, went to seminary and church, but her parents didnt believe in the church so she had to wait to be baptized at 18. 

something me and my companion do to pass the time when there is no one out or its a long walk, we play 20 questions, with disney movies. i never really thought about how many there were, but he knows a lot of disney stuff too!! haha.

vi voglio bene!! love and miss everyone!!


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