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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Anziano Orso Letter September 11, 2013

Ciao Tutti!!

this week was okay, they had a huge party this week that was celebrating Mary's birthday.....which is really weird because 1. it was on sunday 2. it was for Mary.... and 3. everyone was getting drunk and there was a huge party. so we had to try and avoid the areas that people were getting really crazy. but me and anziano Anderson were able to see the parade, it was really cool!! they had everyone dressed up like people from the renaissance... and they were marching down the streets. so since im in italy only once we watched some of it because that was where everyone was. 

we had a baptism for this girl named Xiomara!! it was so awesome!! and spiritual!! it reminded me of my baptism. the reason i havent mentioned her before is because she was taught all the lessons already, she just had to wait to be 18 to be baptized. so she wasnt our investigator, but i did teach her a lesson with anziano Ibba, so i feel responsible for 1/25 of her steps to baptism haha. but we had two investigators, Godsman and Gianlucca. they both felt the spirit and felt how it was something that they needed to do. Godsman want to be baptized now and we are still helping Gianlucca learn that understanding how once hes baptized and the gift of the Holy Ghost he can have that feeling all the time. 

and i finally got a BIKE!!!! i have actually been walking everywhere since we opened this transfer we didnt have a bike. but some cool new i found out about my District!! we have the Missionary Sister Mcain? ( i think its how its spelled haha) but she is Elder Hollands Grand-daughter! so thats pretty cool!! we'll meet her for the first time tomorrow for Zone Training. 

so the weather is starting to cool down!! its really nice, because its always humid, but when we get that nice cool breeze its amazing haha. but we met a lot of people this transfer that even though they dont care about our message, they say sempre! " i admire you all sharing your religion like that, i wish more people had faith like you, but im catholic sorry"....what that heck!?!?! haha but its a compliment hahal. 

so the mission rules have changed, i think all over the world to, but we cant wear backpacks, we have to wear side bags, and the mission rules her you have to have a certain kind of side bag, so starting october all missionaries here have to start switching to side bags, luckily im 20 min. near Florence so im thinking of getting one there in the market, im sure i can hassel them down on the price haha. when i come home im probly going to be eurpeanized...ahah
anyway i love you all!!! keep writing me emails!!! they make my day(: Ciao!!

so here are some italy facts that i collected during the week:
1. everyone answers their phone, even in the middle of church
2. cars are made smaller here
3. there is NO DR. PEPPER!!
4. when you talk to everyone it looks like your playing a HUGE game of Cherades haha
5. they use a different key for every lock, they also have a lock on every door in the house, even the kitchen and living room.
6. there is no personal space.....when in line its like everyone is doing a huge hugging chain.
7. every other song they play here in italy is english, but no one can speak english.... 

Con Amare,
Anziano Orso!!!

filling baptismal font in Prato Italy

baptismal font in Prato Italy

Anziano Walker, Xiomara (baptism), Anziano Orso
Prato, Italy - September 2013

Anziani Anderson, Orso, Sexton, Davis and Walker
Prato, Italy

Anziano Orso
Tuscan Mountains, Italy

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