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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Anziano Orso Letters for September 18 & 25, 2013

Both emails sent to us on 9/25/2013

This is for 9/13/2013

This week has been good. a lot talking to people on the streets and in the parks. friday me and anziano anderson went on a scambio and had taught this guy in centro. then we taught people english, its one of the service things we do here, a lot of people always want to learn how to speak english. but before that we had a meeting with the zone, and on the way back we were taking the train when we accidently got on the wrong train, so we traveled an hour south of our area, which was not good! we didnt know where the train was going to stop, and we were on the border of the mission boundry. but luckily we got off and switched trains, so everything else was good.

sunday at church was really good! we had a good service, and we were invited to a birthday party for sat!! wahoo!! but later that day out of no where a huge storm came and it poured, well, me and anziano walker were on bikes so we were soaked. we ended up stopping in a palazza because the streets were flooding and it was dangerous to bike. i got home and everything on me was wet. it looked like i just jumped in a pool haha.

monday there was another storm, but this one didnt really last a long time. but it still got us wet haha. but everything was good. we had a district meeting in the church, it was cool!! we finally have Sisters in our district haha. sis. Bared, and sis. Mcan i think thats how you spell it haha. 

tuesday i had to go to a place called the Questura, which is where i get my Green Card to stay in Italy for two year. we waited 6 hr. there is no system here haha. but everyone has to do it to become a temporary citizen here. 

so this is for this week!!

this week has been good!! its was emotionally draining, but its okay because one day a week i get to hear from you guys and its makes it all better!!! 

honestly not much big has happened this week, its seemed really long and slow. a lot of talking to people and having lessons, but lately no one has been progressing like we are hoping. we keep seeing them but they arent really keeping their committments. but three of our investigators came to church on sunday!! its always a good feeling and always a nervous feeling, because you dont know how its going to go!! but i guess everything went good because they all want to come to church again!!

this week we has tonta sfortuna (a lot of bad luck) with our bikes!! my bike got a flat, so we took it to the bike shop, after a day he said he had it fixed, i rode the bike for twenty minutes before the tire popped again! so we had to walk my bike for an hour to the bike shop again. and later that night my companions bike broke too!! and another missionaries bike the chain broke. so we only have one working bike for 4 missionaries.....its not good haha.

we went to a birthday for members twin boys. it was fun, they asked us to think of american games that we could show was really hard to explain to a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds how to play rossa luce, vedere luce (red light, green light) but all the people who arent members thought it was nice for us to teach them games. because everyone here is in love with the united states. so thought it was the coolest things having 19 and 20 year boys from the USA taking time to share our culture. so it was a success with contacting at the party.

so it may be a shock or not, but i have lost almost 18lbs since ive been here!! all my pants and shirts are getting really big on me......but its because we do a lot of biking and walking. plus, the italian culture is to only eat one big meal a day which is lunch, so i really dont eat much. its insane though!! kids start school at 9 have a two hour lunch break between 1 and 2 then back to school until 4. i dont think i would be a fan of that haha. anyway i have to go!! ciao!!! 

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