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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Anziano Orso Letter October 2, 2013

ciao!!! come state? sono bene cui, sempre lovorando e imparando la lingua!!!

the language is coming a long!! my comprehension is becoming a lot more fluent. its still very hard for me to think of a sentence in my head quick, but if i have a second to think i can make a sentence and talk back!!! its really weird, because now i always keep thinking in both italian and english. when i talk, dream, and write. haha. its crazy when you can just say things with our thinking in another language.

anyway, this week was definitely a challenge for us. this week we had to help the other Anziani in Pistoia move from their old apt. to their new apt. its really nice. ours is really nice too. but we had a good time, there were 12 of us anziani and a senior couple who helped them move. and this senior couple served in the military. so they gave us rootbeer, which is crazy because the base is the only place to get rootbeer, peanut butter, and a lot of other things. so its was a little treat for us!

but the reason this week is challenging for us was because we lost three of our investigators. so now we have to do findning work all over again. but its okay,because it means that we can now go find those that have been prepared for us. luckily we still have tulio and isreal. they are awsome and i have high hopes for tulio to be baptized soon. we met with him last night and talk to him about prophets and the importance of them. and he has a strong testimony of the church, and has changed his life around. he just needs to figure some things out, so we have been helping him with that.

not much with the teaching, a lot of finding and park benches, but we pray that the lord will send the prepared and elect in our path to help them come closer to Jesus Christ and God. i love see the changed in people, when they really understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ and apply the changes in their life to be more happy and follow the savior. little by little, i see our investigators doing that, even if they stop talking to us, i have seen them change in a little way.

so today for Pday we drove to a city called tirerrina, and went on the military base they have their. (thanks wayne for serving in the military, (and all other too)) because without my id we couldnt have gone. it was awesome!!! i bought PEANUT BUTTER and many other things that i cant buy in an italian store!! it was really neat, and i could understand everyone there! it was different, but i felt little bit at home there haha. and when we had to go to the commissary we had to pay with american money, not euro, which was really different haha.

i miss home a lot, but the time flies, i may get transfered to a new city in a couple weeks, which is cool because ill get to experience italy more, but sad because you get so attached to an area you dont want to leave haha. 

i have changed since ive been here, but its for good. im learning what qualities i want to develop. who i want to raise my family, and the standards i want to keep. and my outlook on life is different now. im so very grateful for the life i have, and the many blessings i have recieved growing up. VI voglio bene!!!! ciao!!

Anziano Orso!!
Pictures of me in firenze and the military base!! also with Anziano Walker

group foto:
left to right: anz. anderson, anz. windley, me, anz. walker



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