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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Anziano Orso Letter October 16, 2013


how are you! everything here is good!!! i had a major break through with the language this week!!! i have been able to understand a lot more, and i can talk with barely stuttering. i speak at a normal slow pace haha. but its good cause my comprehension is getting better too!!!

so i found out im getting transfered1 :( im leaving the amazing Toscana and going up north by Torino. which is cool too because that is where our family is from. its a city called Alexandria! and i hear they get snow 4ft tall.....i knew idaho prepared me for this haha. but im excited because now i get a new companion and get to learn more about the italian culture. and also at the same time meet know people as i continue to do the lords work.

this week was kinda slow, nothing big really. it rained most of the week, so it was a lot of knocking doors, which is really hard to get people to let you in. but we went to the fume and talked to some people. we taught this guy about the plan of salvation and how he can be with his family for ever, and that god has a plan for everyone of us, its really a huge blessing to know the purpose of life, and when we teach people it, that gain hope!! its so awesome seeing the glow in their eyes when they feel the love of christ and heavenly father!!!

this week was also very good with teaching or simp. we have 4 baptisms planned for the next month!! and the best part is helping them growing closer to heavenly father and prepare to be baptized. i have seen the many blessings in my life and i love helping others feel the same joy and happiness that i have.

last night we taught our simp. Tulio and Michiela! they are awesome!! we taught about marriage and they are going to get married!!! wahoo!! marriage is also an amazing blessing that brings joy to families and couples! but since im leaving and i had to say bye to them :( these people have become my family, so it feels like im leaving home again.... but while i was leaving Michiela Batched me, which is when italians say hi or bi and they kiss each of your cheeks, yup, it happened, and it happened to quick, but i thought 1. this is my first 2. its happening to fast i cant stop it 3. im going for it. haha its not as bad as you think, its just like a handshake to them haha.

so for Pday we went to PISA! yup....the one with the Tower that leans, but in Pisa is called Torre di Pisa. it was so cool!!! its weird, i still cant believe im in Italy!! your so busy doing missionary work when you get that break it hits like i just got here two days ago haha. 

im thankful im given this opportunity to serve the lord, im learning so much and meeting amazing people. my testimony grows everyday and i cant wait to continue strong on my mission. its been 4 months, i still have 20 to go! and im going to make it count!!!

vi voglio bene!!!

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