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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Anziano Orso Letter October 9, 2013


i loved conference!!! its crazy to think that a talk can be specifically directed to one person!!! but this week has been really good and busy!!

i got my bike back!!! which was good because i was really getting annoyed with walking everywhere and having to give us a 20min head start to make it to any appointment.
general conference was coming up so we did a lot of finding along the river and in centro, we handed out a lot of pass along cards and talk about the church, didnt teach anyone but we did our best sharing simple truths. we also found this member who has been to church since 1985, we taught her a lesson and she said that she has been hoping that we stop by and say hi, we have high hopes that she will start to come back and have the blessings of the gospel in her life again.
General Confernce was so AWESOME!!! its a lot more meaningful when your a missionary!! it started 6pm here, so in the beginnin of the day we went to the river, but it started to pour and we got soaked....but its okay, im good and we were able to watch and enjoy hearing from the Prophet and Apostles. if you have time, look up the talk about the speaker who is called "Dube" we teach a lot of africans here so these are what they sound like haha.
Confernce again all day!!! it was really awesome, my favorite which is probly like many other people is from President Uchtdorf "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith" so when the hard time comes, and you are down and know one is talking to you, dont think its your, most likely God is helping you learn something that will help you in the future.
we had our last district meeting!! it was really awesome!! after the meeting we took a picture of our district and made PB&J sandwiches!!! i cant tell you how much i miss the simple american meals haha. no one believes in anythng on bread besides meat....weird haha
but the big miracle we had this week was from this couple we have been teaching, his name is tulio, he is 50yr and has been meeting with us for almost a month. his companion is Mikayla and she is 50yr. last night we finally ask them if they had a testimony of this church, and if it was true. they both said that they read the book of mormon, prayed and even though satan was causing problem they recognized the spirit they felt when they meet with us, go to church, and read the scriptures. they said they have never felt closer to god!!! its so awesome watching them grow in this gospel. they said that they want to be baptized!!!! wahoo!!! now its the end of the transfer, so i hope i can stay here for one more to see them get baptized!!
Vi Voglio Bene!!!

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