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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter February 12, 2014

il digiuno e la preghiera  (fast and prayer)

ciao tutti!! come state?? questa settimana e' stata molto bene!!! sono molto contento!! avevamo tanti miracolo!! la lingua va bene, il lavoro di missionari va bene, tutti italiani sono bravissimi!! 

anyway this week was good!! a lot better than the last couple of weeks that we have been having. i have been praying for guidance and the spirit to help us in this area. and we were blessed with two new people to teach. they are brothers and they are so awesome!! we found them through two members that were baptized about a month ago. they are really awesome. we got invited over their house for dinner, and when we were over there for dinner one of the things that we did was teach them a little lesson, so we asked for the brothers to come in the room. and they felt something really cool. so i guess about two hours after we left the house they said that they wouldnt mind changing their religion and becoming mormon, because they felt calm, and peace when we were teaching them. it was a cool miracle, so we're praying and they should be baptized in about a month. then we have another investigator that we finally said that he would come to church, we have been teaching him for a while but nothing has really happened. but we're praying for this guy. then a member that said he would come to church, then randomly disappeared (i thought he died honestly). good news he didnt die haha, he was just in Sicilia DOWN DOWN DOWN SOUTH in italia, with his daughter. but we finally came by and saw him, and he said he would come to church this sunday too!!! so we should have 4 new people in church this sunday, and two with baptismal dates!! im so excited!!! the ward that im in has had baptisms every sat. for two weeks already haha. of course they were all taught by the sister missionaries, because they are all single women. but its okay, we're really excited because it doesnt matter who finds them and teaches them. as long as theyre coming closer to heavenly father. 

so this morning we had Pancakes in case you care haha, they dont have those here in italy, and also waffles, but because we went to the base we bought mix. and syrup, and he had peanut butter and oreos to put on top with syrup. sometimes i really miss american breakfast haha, mainly because 1. they dont really eat breakfast here, for italians its an espresso crepe. 2. they dont have bacon, or hash browns anywhere around here. so this morning was fun because we had the other missionaries in our zone come to our apt. and we had breakfast! cool morning so far haha.

vi voglio bene!! ci sentiamo la settimana prossima!

con amore, Anziano Orso

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