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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter February 5, 2014

sta piovendo sempre!

how is everyone in good old america? i went to the base last week so im not misses it anymore haha, i bought peanut butter, oreos, honey combs, doritos! i got all the good stuff haha. but i do miss the weather there a lot!! its been raining here for an entire week! and my shoe goes a hole in it.....i have been coming home everyday with my feet soaked :( i could find shoes this Pday, so next one im still going to be looking, because this is miserable haha. so i guess im not a fan of the italian style yet haha, because we go to a lot of stores and i dont buy anything haha. im still attached to american style. we went to a mall and there was a Hollister! which was more expensive than the ones in america. but it was cool because they had the video screen of the beach.....made me a little trunky haha. but other than that everything is good. this week i made taco pasta haha. it was bomb, im going to make it again!

so for missionary work this week, this week my faith has really been strengthened through fasting (digiuno) last week all of our inv. dropped us, for some reason, and it was a really depressing things, because then it makes you wonder if it was something that you did. so for this fast i prayed and fasted that we would find more people to teach, and that we would be able to speak with the language and have the spirit help us talk to people. and this week since monday we have 4 new inv.!! it was a huge miracle and big blessing. three are a family, and the other is a referall that we got from the sisters, im counting my blessings. 

my testimony grows everyday about the savior, i everyday i realize how the lord has prepared me through growing up to be here at this moment, i know that we all have a purpose in this life, that through the savior we can all receive the wonderful blessings that he has prepared for us. i have no doubt that Christ lives and that we have a Father in heaven. and i have no doubt that the trials and difficulties in our lives are for nothing, they have a purpose, to help us grow and become more like the savior. 1 Nep 1:3. i think about this with commandments, trials, sufferings, misery. but even with good things too, families, friends, temples, and the Gospel.

vi voglio bene!! ci sentiamo fra poco! Cristo Vive, egli e' il nostro salvatore, redentore. 

here are the pictues of me in Venezia!! (Venice!!)    vi voglio bene!!

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