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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter February 19, 2014

Come State Tutti!!! saro' nel'trasferimento

so we just found out transfer information and i get to stay another transfer here in Milano. which im excited because the work here is booming! we have one bapt date coming up for this kid named jordan! hes so awesome, hes filipino. and we are planing on his brothers for May! but we are going to try and make it sooner. but both of them are so awesome! and they love the gospel and church! its a huge miracle!!! its true!! member work is what helps get this work progressing!! and we have this kid named Alfred! hes so awesome too!! we have taught him almost all the lessons! and our last lesson we had in the prayer he thanked god for sending us to him, and for helping him find the true church! its so amazing seeing someone change how they pray. the catholics say memorized prayers and they dont close their eyes or cross theyre arms. but when they change, how they pray, you definitely know that they are talking to heavenly father! and the spirit is so strong during prayers because its the easiest way that the spirit can testify to these people. its an amazing experience!!

so the weather has been a lot better this week!! we had three days of sunshine!! wahoo!! haha. i love those days. anyway i dont have a lot of time today!! but i want to say that im thankful for the opportunity i have to serve a mission. i know i would be able to get this experience anywhere else, and help other come unto christ. i have a scambio the other day with another companion and he pointed out to me, im used to being on the mission now, missionary life i normal for me. but the one thing that still blows my mind is talk to people in a different language and being able to understand them. once you learn a language or become adapted in the culture, its one of the coolest things. i think and pray and talk in italian everyday. because somethings only make sense in italian haha. 

anyway i love you all! thanks for everything!! ci sentiamo tra poco!! 

here are some pics of some kids i have taught and got baptized! and some fun silly things!!

the pics with the two kids are named Marco and Giulia. i confirmed Giulia! my first one (:

the one with the one boy his name is Micheal, this kid is awesome! 

then one with me and Anz. Johnson

my district!

my shoe finally gave out.....

then these are the pics in switzerland!

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