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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter February 26, 2014

this week.

this week has been really good, so the transfer just restarted, and every transfer is 6 weeks. all anziani have 16 transfers in their mission. i just started transfer 6. so i still have a long way to go. but transfer 8 is my year mark. but we have a lot of goal for this transfer, and my comp. anz. miller is the district leader! so we get to do scambios with other missionaries. but im staying another transfer here in Milano! they say Milano is like a vortex, once you come to milano, its hard to leave haha. but we'll see, i like it here a lot. the weather is starting to get better, yes it rained today, but this week we have had three days of Sun!! wahoo.

the past week has been really good with missionary work, we got 4 new investigators! and the language is improving! i starting reading the grammar book that we got in the MTC and its helping me understand the language a lot more. because now i can also read the book because its in italian. in the beginning i didnt understand it. im at that point where i can sit on the bus or subway and eves-drop in others conversations and understand them. its cool. 

yesterday we had to do a scambio, so i was in a tri-panionship with two missionaries that has been here for 7 weeks and the other 3 months. so i was senior comp! it was weird being the one who know more italian haha. but i did it, we had a good time and talk to a lot of people. for those who have learned another language its weird when you understand it, how it makes sense. its hard to explain haha.

so this past week have a lot of stuff happening!!! we have two Baptisms!!! wahoo! this is my first one from finding them, teaching them, and baptizing them! im really excited! ill take pictures and send them to you. 

but other than that this week has been good!! every tuesday we have english class and family home evening, its pretty fun, last night we played musical chairs with the ward, and this guy the sisters found came and plays the piano really well! (this guy is pretty interesting, i swear sometimes im just like, is this real, because the guy is a cop from russia, hes pretty cool haha. 

vi voglio bene!!! ciao tutti!!

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