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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter March 5, 2014

Sono estato in Svizzera!  (i was in Switzerland)

Ciao bravi tutti!!!

this week has been good!! this week has gone by so quick! we have a baptism this week that we have been preparing for. they are to filipini ragazzi Jordan and Bryan. and me and my companion are baptizing them!!! they were prepared to for the gospel, they both love it, and love the church. it happened so quick. it has only been about a month! i know im in italy, but there are so many filipino and south americans here!! and theyre not from mexico, theyre from columbia, peru, argentina! so i eat a lot of south american food! its so good!!! haha 

this week we have been doing everything we can to get new investigators, because we have been really busy with the inv. that were getting baptized we didnt have a  lot of time for finding work this week. so now that theyre getting baptized we are out of people to teach.....and because this week was fast sunday we fasted to help bless with a family! i havent really taught families so asked if we coul be given the opportunity. then we recieved an invite to go over a families house after church, to talk to this guys sister. we get there and comes to find out that she is married and just had a baby  months ago! and so we taught them how the gospel promises us we can be together forever in this life and the next. and how with the gospel of Jesus Christ we can learn to better ourselved and our families. so our fasting was answered!! we now have a new family to teach!!! its so awesome!! a huge blessing this week!!

this week for finding was pretty fun though! me and Anz. Miller went on the metro and sat next to random people about the gospel, and then when they didnt seem interested we would invite them to english class! and speak english to them ahah. they like english, and every tuesday and soon thursday too we teach english class to people for free! its really fun. usually after enlish class we have family home evening! and we met this girl that came with her boyfriend. she was baptized in the church from peru, but for some reason the church didnt put in her records there, i guess during that time they werent well organized. so she may have to be baptized again. but her boyfriend isnt a member so we invited him to church and english class. we'll see how it goes!

for the gross thing i ate this week:
cow tasted like nothing, but it had a weird texture.....i never would have thought i would be eating these things....but im doing it haha. 

for Pday this week we went to Switzerland again!!! we went to a city called Bellinzona, there are a bunch of castles!! its so awesome and beautiful!! if i could choose country go on vacation i would go to switzerland haha.

vi voglio bene!!! ci sentiamo!! ciao!!

photos are me messing around in Milano!

And this is in Switzerland!


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