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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter March 12, 2014

abbiamo avuto i battesimi questa settimana scorsa!! (we had baptisms this last week)

this week has been really awesome!!! we had a baptism of the two kids that were referalls! they are so awesome! im so excited that i was able to know them and help them come closer to christ. i was given the opportunity to Baptize Bryan May Federico. 1, he's half filipino half italian 2. he's 11yr. 3. he gives the best prayers, this kid is just amazing! then my companion baptized Marco Jordan Arrojo. their brothers because of the mom. hes 15yr. they are really awesome! and im excited for them to continue to grow in the gospel. right now they said they want to be missionaries like us haha. 

an amazing miracle we had this week was with this guy named giorgio. we found him doing parco, and we asked him some gospel questions and he seemed really interested about our message. he said we could sit down and explain it for a few minutes. he seemed really interested  and we got a return appointment. so when we went back for the return appointment we talked about more of the restoration and the priesthood. he then told us how he feels excited and calm when we talk to him, and that one of the reasons he let us talk to him was because how we present ourselves. he said we look like nice young men, who have a strong testimony in our faith, and that its something we believe and live. and that we are here to talk about our church and how it can help his life. so at the end of the lesson we asked him to pray and he did. then he asked us "if a man my age wanted to join your church, could he?" we said absolutely and set up another appointment. he is so elect, so the next time we see him we are giving him a bapt date. he also has a wife that he wants to share the gospel with too. we're really excited. 

this week me and my companion got go to a Casino in Lugano.....but we cant do that so we had to turn them down, but its weird thinking im the age here i can do anything haha. this was the same people that fed me stomach haha

gross thing i ate this week was at a filipino members was called blood.....and you put it on top of your fish....which by the way it was a whole fish, with the head and guts inside.....interesting haha. 

for Pday this week we went to a city called Lecco, so awesome!! its on the other side of Como. the lake is like a rainbow, the left is como and the right is lecco. well we went to this awesome place called the Billagio (based off of the casino/hotel in vegas) there is also an island there were they filmed the wedding in star wars 2. COOL HUH! and there is a huge mansion there were the name of the house is "rocketfeller....." rich people live here haha. it was such an awesome experience!

italian words for the week!!

i have a strong testimony of this church and there is no doubt in my heart that this is the true church on the earth today. no other gospel has been able to change lives as quick, except it be the true gospel of jesus christ. which i know that we have on the earth today. i have seen the guidance of the book of mormon in my life and with others. there is no other true book on the earth that has the knowledge necessary to learn about our potential here on earth. i know that god knows us and has a plan for each and everyone of us. i know he answers prayers and makes miracles. im thankful to be serving here in italia!! amen.

Some pic's from the baptism

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