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Monday, March 24, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter Marcy 19, 2014

dovremmo essere in primavera presto (we should be in spring soon)

so this week was crazy, this is one of my fastest cities in my mission, the weeks just fly by haha. still in navigli milano, and the weather has been really awesome, all sun, and its starting to get warm, so that means we will be wearing short sleeves soon again! i miss the sun haha and the heat, but i only have one full summer here, so thats not that bad, because its very humid here during that time. we'll see how i can handle it, haha

we did a lot this past week, we had a scambio (exchange) with the zone leaders this week. i stayed while my comp when up to como, i hope next transfer i can go up to como....but here in milano they like to have a bunch of strikes, with transportation, so they completely shut down all buses, trains, metros, everything, so we cant get really anywhere because everything is far from us. but other that that the scambio was good, tomorrow we got invited to play volley ball (pallavolo) tomorrow with a less im excited. th scambio was about two days because of the transportation. but sat. we went and played basketball with our new converts, sometimes its easier to do sport finding or service finding than actually knocking of doors or walking through the park, and we have been blessed to be given chance like that this past week. but its was cool because we went to the basketball court which was at  catholic church, and we saw a bunch of nuns, priests and bishops, they were really nice, it was a cool experience, because some can be harsh to us at times. 

cool blessing that i will have in a couple weeks, so there was this lady that came to church at random, she not a member, well here family is she just wasnt baptize with her family. i have a good conversations with her and her daughter, soi found out she decided to get baptized i was so excited. and this sat. she asked me if i could be the one to baptize her!! it was so amazing! im so excited because its crazy how much love you have for people, people you just met but there is just a feeling there. so ill send you pictures when we have the baptism! her name is Sandy, shes 35? and has a daughter. shes awesome and so excited, also me!

yesterday we had a zone conference, and i was able to see missionaries that were with me from the MTC! i had almost my entire district!! the conference was really spiritual! and we learned a lot of things about how we can help our investigators come closer to jesus christ, and how important the boo of mormon is.

vi voglio bene!! ciao!! 

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