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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Anziano Orso Letter March 26, 2014

sorry i dont have a lot of time but this week has been really good, we set a bapt. date with an investigator that we met in the park, hes really awesome! we found him in the park doing strada, his name is giorgio, hes 50 years old, but has an amazing spirit, and our last lesson we was telling us how he know that hes changing his life, when he talks to us he likes the feeling he gets when he talks to us and loves us and the gospel. we're very excited to keep seeing him and help him progress, the lesson we had was with our bishop, it went really good, they are all awesome people, i love all the members here in the ward. 

we are still working with alfredo, hes really awesome! he has an amazing spirit and loves when when we come over, sometimes its frustrating because his phone doesnt work, so we can only pass by, and its takes about 45 min, by subway and bus to get to him. then hes not it stinks a lot. but we continue to go see him atlest twice a week, because somedays we score and hes there! his next step he needs to do is come to church.

nothing really crazy happened this week, just been really busy, we went over a filipino family for lunch on sunday! it was really good, that family is so awesome, they dont speak italian so we have to speak english with them. im starting to wonder if my english is sounding weird, only because we dont hear american english everyday, only italian english and filipino haha. 

last night we had serata familiare with members in the ward, every tuesday we have english class and family home evening! last night was really fun! we played a scripture scavanger hunt in the church! and my team won! there were three teams! it was really awesome! but it helped us all learn that the scriptures can mean different things, as long as we apply it in our lives for good it will bring us blessings. 

another cool experience that we had was we got a referall for a less active member, we called her and she said we could come by and see her at work. we passed by and come to find out shes a nanny for a family, the husband is a writer and the wife is a tv host! we new they were wealthy right when we saw the door haha. but they are a nice family! so we are trying to see if we can go back share a message with the family. 

vi voglio bene!! ci sentiamo! ciao!

Anz. Orso

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